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Sobering post by 'PP' on bMoA's latest open thread on the Ukraine

Naturally the 'GROWTH’n’PROGRESSFOREVER!!! suckers aren’t clued up for this sort of thing. But it’s here already!. Assume that if it’s already happening in NAmerica, it will be in the British province of the Anglozionist empire pretty promptly, if not already. (Sometimes I’m really glad that I can, without difficulty, live entirely off-grid on my boat, including getting in heating/cooking timber from the local transnational corporation ‘owned’ woods around here; as I’ve done continuously for over 25 years now; never ever bought in any stove fuel; always just tatted the fallen dead stuff from the woods; where I also tree-plant continuously… :innocent: ):


Just wanted to throw this out there: In North America, there has been a continuous shortage of electrical equipment like circuit breakers and panels. You can literally wait a year to get a small electrical panel, and some brands of breakers (like Siemens) can be missing for months.

Even when times were good, major switch gear and autotransformers had long lead times because it was custom made. Now it is ridiculous. The lead time on a Cisco router can be a year. An IP phone like Poly might take 8 months.

Russia has now reluctantly destroyed switch gear and transformers. Ukraine doesn’t have replacements, and there is no way Europe does either.

You don’t just drop in replacement switch gear. You have to do coordination studies to size all the components correctly and ensure that the protection circuits work. This requires engineering services. Then it has to be manufactured, and paid for. Then you’ve got to find crews to install and commission it.

Loosing your national power infrastructure is a disaster in today’s world. Everything needs electricity.


He means ‘losing’ of course, in that penultimate line.

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Much respect to you for creating a good and sustainable setup for yourself. Your footprint is small.


None of it due to intelligent, forethoughtful planning, J (nice to hear from you, btw; don’t be a stranger! :slight_smile: ). I just stoated into it by ‘coincidence magic’, which I’ve been practicing daily for about sixty years now: fascinating area of the whole psi/magic foundation of our reality: “I could a tale unfold…” (Hamlet’s dead dad).

As a result of that long sequence of (deliberately-conjured) ‘lucky coincidences’, I find myself in an astonishing position: 82; weak as a kitten these days; but - no sickness, no pain, not the least shortage of a modest life’s necessities; a small income, a single person’s state pension, but my living costs here are so minute that I give about half of it to my grand-daughter and her mum, who, together with my grand-daughter’s husband, earn between them about ten times my income, but who - because they’re struggling to lead the standard modest middle class life - are all carrying MUCH heavier burdens than I am. Just handed my best-beloved (my G-D’s mum) half a grand in notes this AM, in fact, largely drawn from my ultra-oldie’s Winter Fuel Payment - which I just don’t need! Topsy-turvy or what? :thinking: :slight_smile:

Cheers, J. I hope we see more of you here. I always rated you as a kindly, humane influence on the websites we’ve both frequented. :slight_smile:


I’m glad life has worked out well for you. Karma maybe? I’ve made a right mess of mine. Looking to do better the next time around. :slight_smile:


Rhis, overnight on Wednesday a large tree fell down in our garden. It wasn’t a particularly stormy night. The tree was half rotten and I think that’s why it collapsed.

I’ve called that fallen tree a gift from God, because although we do have enough wood to get through this winter, if the madness continues into the following winter the fallen tree will provide more than enough wood for heating and cooking purposes.

Mind you, I’ve still got to cut the bloody thing up.

(stop moaning, Rob, it’s a gift from God)


Oh Jackie! If you knew the long string of utter balls-ups that I’ve made; in spite of the steady string of ‘lucky coincidences’… :open_mouth:

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I’ll second Rhis, in that I’ve also made plenty of balls-ups in my life.

I don’t think it was entirely stupidity on my part. Perhaps sometimes it’s just the way the dice land: fate, chance, and all that (to echo Rhis again).


The dice can actually be steered to some extent, by doing personal unbending-intent/applied-psi practices such as I do. This has been demonstrated to very high standards of experimental scientific meticulousness, by researchers such as Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in the US.

The benefits that such practices offer are very much more than just for one’s selfish self; spread the love as widely as possible and it works more surely; because then you’re doing what we’re here for: lowering entropy and growing towards love (quoting Tom Campbell).

But when all that esoteric discipline is followed, we still have wide-open, inherently free-willed chances to create our own royal - and multitudinous! - screw-ups at the same time. I’ve done both! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I’ve noticed a repeating pattern here, Rob, which probably applies to your fallen tree:

An incident will happen which causes my immediate, unthinking reaction to be: “Oh, FFS! Oh bloody-hell, now what!” And then, in a short while, it suddenly hits me: “Oh wait a bit, though! If I just see this in the right light, it’s actually yet another in my long chain of ‘coincidental’ strokes of good luck. Of course! Catch up, you pillock!” :slight_smile: