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So why are Israel's mortality rates for 2021 and 2022 like Sweden's and not like the UK - did they get a placebo jab?

I watched this episode of the High Wire :

and noticed this in the comments:

"Georgia4388 2 days ago

The initial chart brought up showed something very interesting. Although excess deaths rose substantially for most Western nations, Sweden’s was very low, as expected since they did not go draconian at any point throughout this period. BUT more notable, look how incredibly low the data is for Isreal. Are they cooking their books OR did they give their population placebos knowing full well it was a death jab. Anyone want to speculate or follow up on that anomaly?"

here is the chart referred to in the episode:

although Israel is reckoned to be one of the highest jabbing nations, no adverse impact !? ( 60% jabbed - because of high numbers (30%) under 12 who didn’t get authorised for jabs.

Anyone know the lot numbers?

here is a comparison of excess deaths: