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Sir Michael Marmot on 'grim reality' of poverty in Britain | LBC

I knew about the four million people being destitute and that generally things were pretty bad but I had no idea that things were this bad…

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Hi @Rich thanks for that - what awful circumstances these numbers must contain.
Sunack could have given each of the 4M destitute the £2.5bn he’s giving to Ukraine this year - £12 a week each person would go a long way in just fighting vitamin shortages.
Nothing from tories and nothing proposed by labour - a 60% tax rate for the top 5% with incomes over £100,000 p.a. could also be a quick way to solve these awful statistics of the destitute.

Of course we could just tear up most of the contracts we have entered into with the private sector and demand our money back for the disasters that surround us , starting with Big Pharma!