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Simplicius on the biblical nature of the current crisis

Simplicius combining ideas from The Devil Rides Out and from What really happened on 7th October?

Apropos quote:

The ultimate danger of the situation rests on the fact that Netanyahu and his most fervent right-wing lackeys see this as potentially the one and only opportunity to enact a decades-long plan to fully erase ‘Palestine’ once and for all. If this conflict was only actually about Hamas itself, then there wouldn’t be much to worry about.

But given that all indications prove that this has been an internal Israeli plan long in the making, that the events of October 7 were in fact a Pearl Harbor-esque falseflag tasked with generating the needed outrage which would allow the execution of the ‘Final Palestinian Solution’, this tells us that the Netanyahu government means to go “all the way” in the first step towards fulfilling messianic prophecy.


I’m not an expert on the various strains of religion here. I will just add that Nuttyyanu comes from the most extreme side of Zionism, which are about as religious as a lump of wood.

I would hazard that Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent remarks, quoting from the Old Testament, are aimed entirely at the US government, who consist almost entirely of Christian fundamentalists, all of whom purportedly believe in the Rapture (this includes people like Obama and Trump), and the concept of Rapture puts some people above others.

They hold prayer meetings in the Oval Office before the next round of carpet bombings, and the bombs they drop are some of the most hideous ever known to man.

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Jeez, the Guardian really are a piece of work…

Distressing images and videos can take a toll on our mental health. How can we stay informed without being traumatised?

Perhaps this piece could be better titled “How can we cope when our world is ruled by complete psychopaths?”


… is it still only the price of a cup of coffee to subscribe?

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EDIT: After following the link… I LOL’d at number 3

  1. Select reputable sources to stay informed / Choose reliable, reputable news sources for your information. These outlets often present the news in a more balanced and factual manner, which can help reduce the emotional impact of graphic imagery or sensationalism. Ask trusted friends and family where they are getting their information. This may open up a new avenue of more balanced information.

Being lied to is so so good for your mental health, after all.