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Simon Elmer debunks the need for CBDCs

Be warned that there is a really alarming ‘specimen’ £50 note at the top of the page. Is Charles really that boss-eyed, it’s absolutely freaky how the eyes seem to be independent of each other. Though many (most?) reptiles have this capacity.


My own opinion is that central bank digital currency will flop. They did try it in India recently (where a huge number of people don’t have a bank account, and cash is king).

Having said that, the two years of covid rubbish shows what total idiocy people will go along with.

Methinks there’s a major false flag on the horizon, to herd people into the pen.

I’d lay even money that it’s going to be some kind of nuclear event, for maximum terror effect.

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I hope so. The idea that digital wallets will have a ceiling of £10-£20k (to be finalised) is a big give-away. Even the higher figure will not be a realistic figure for quite a lot of people, not excluding the wealthy elite of course, which proves that the CBDC will be a mechanism for controlling the unruly poor, if not quite in those words.

While paper money will continue, for now, what’s the betting that lower denominations are abolished, beginning with the good old fiver?

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