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Shameless Greenwashing and Exploitation #NuclearPower #ClimateChange

@letsreplanet; "Recently @ia_aanstoot
spoke with CBC about the #DearGreenpeace campaign and why young climate activists are asking Greenpeace to drop their opposition to nuclear energy.

Join the call by signing the petition today - http://deargreenpeace.org"

: https://twitter.com/letsreplanet/status/1699282632738234875

I must admit I wondered when (and how), this would start!

Dr Paul Dorfman

; "Oh dear.

Seems #RePlanet - funded by multinational with significant finance interest in #fossilfuel, polluting industry, military - was created to lobby in Brussels for nuclear, precision fermentation, and #GMO.

They do the dirty work of #nuclear industry: attack #Greenpeace": https://twitter.com/dorfman_p/status/1699332824204034440