Set your Pfizer to Stunned Part III

Who would have thought?

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Maybe Hillary could help them with installing a higher bandwidth email server?

Something about this phrase disturbed me

When a group of doctors, professors, and journalists calling themselves Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency

It may as well say “the self-styled…” if the intention were to imply such groups lack credibility. Or have I just woken up especially paranoid today?

Minor point, but these linguistic tricks are all part of the show aren’t they.


Indeed they are and normally they are also quite transparent; so much so, it’s a wonder anybody falls for them. Separating the ‘wheat’ from the ‘chaff’; there’s the rub.

Of course it will take 70 plus years to release them all. Some poor ****** wil have to read every single doc before its released to ensure there is nothing incriminating or at least not well beyond the statute of limitations.

If my memory serves me well this is becoming a regular practice of the GIC’s. Wasn’t the Robin Cook an example, the Tony Bliar dodgy dossier another one? I’m sure there are plenty more examples of the “legal” way to cover up by just stalling until it’s meaningless.


Yes, if only you could buy shares in D-notices; would have been a great investment! Amazing how much is a risk to that amorphous notion of ‘national security’.

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‘National security’ actually means: safety of the gics’ WealthPowerStatus from any chance of reduction; and safety of the gics themselves from any possibility of getting lynched - which is a standing risk for those crims, should enough of us ever get a clear picture of what they’re always doing.