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Second morning with ZERO mention of the scamdemic on BBC-R3 'news' bulletinettes

Instead, it all leads with the Glasgow futility-clown show, and the Anglo-French fishticuffs.

Is the scamdemic sliding away on it’s inevitable ebb-tide? Sure feels like it. Will the Johnson regime be able to re-impose house-arrest-distancing-masks idiocies this Winter? Feeling less and less likely, as they survey the growing scepticism and refusnikery of we plebs. The one thing that Johnson’s clowns seem to be fairly good at is gauging just how much they think that they can get away with, regarding the moment-to-moment mood of the plebs. Doesn’t help their scheming, of course, that news of the utter disaster of the poison-stabs’ ineffectualness, and their monstrous adverse reactions, leaks out unstoppably, wider and wider.