SCOTUS sanity

The OSHA mandate compelling vaccinations has been overruled by the Supreme Court of the United States. No doubt details will emerge very soon.

Update: not a bad summary. Pretyped I would wager.

From the horses’ mouths:

Its a BIG deal.


Hi @KarenEliot , good news certainly but not good for the 10 million health workers who will have to comply or lose their jobs which in the light of the “batch covid jab conspirac” revealed in Mike Yeadon’s Rheiner interview is an absolute disgrace.



For sure. The way this could play out is still very precarious, but as a signal that there is an alternative take to the propaganda onslaught it might be pivotal. The US is rapidly approaching another electoral cycle and Democrats (never has this seemed such an egregious misnomer) are getting very nervous.