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Scott Ritter: Iran to strike Israel within 24 hours?

From 8:35 minutes in till 23:50 minutes.

"Israel Iran War Looms"

Alexander Mercouris’s take on the current Iran/Israel situation. Perhaps a bit more circumspect than Scott Ritter’s view above, but alarming nevertheless.

First 29 minutes of program:

I also hope that Scott Ritter’s forecasts are proved to be too pessimistic. I haven’t watched the redacted vid yet, but he is sounding the same warnings on a number of platforms. I admire his passion.

Alexander M is a kind of human news aggregator and does it well, if perhaps rather too verbosely.

Ray McGovern and Larry Johnstone are currently on fire, especially in their double-headers with Andrew Napolitano.

Agreed. Though our current fave on Judge is Matt Hoh but he’s off now to help with admin for the flotilla so maybe not in touch for a bit.
We keep seeing JF as a limited hangout (Jeffrey Sachs???) but between them his guests do seem to get just about everything (as far as we can tell. . .)

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Matt Hoh is great, yes. Sachs seems to focus rather a lot on baiting Elon Musk and that looks to me like a red flag. Elon is an ideal straw man, rather like the BBC: the ‘right’ accuse him of suppressing their views and pushing a sinister agenda. The left condemn his unwillingness to censor and for harbouring deplorables. He doubtless does all of these and much more. His satellites are what we probably ought to be watching out for, both from the surveillance angle and maybe also the radiation issues Arthur Firstenberg highlighted in Where have all the insects gone? - Arthur Firstenberg .

Alexander Mercouris last night with a somewhat calmer view of the Iran/Israel situation.

First 13 minutes of the program. (I’ve not had time to watch the rest of the broadcast yet).

Edit:The Iranian attack seems tame to me. Mainly drones giving Israel plenty of notice.

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I agree, however we need to remember that Israehell always lies so we can’t be sure. That said, Iran has enough long range missiles and I’m surprised that they didn’t target the Patriot missile systems. While I can’t claim any military knowledge, it seems to me (IMHO), that destroying some of the ‘Iron Dome’ infrastructure would be the best possible retaliation and might lower the inclination of Israehell to respond fiercely.

Hi folks, fwiw, people in the region should be watching the wind directions flowing from all of Iranian and Israeli nuclear powered facilities - if attacked they become dirty atomic bombs spreading radioactivity far and wide, but particularly along the wind corridors.

This is exactly what Israel wanted, imo.


Joe has claimed they fired 300 various weapons and they destroyed 99% of them.

I’ve watched 3 fast missiles hit the same target (Ramon airbase possibly) so there is Joe’s 1%. Except I’ve seen more hits since in other videos. Lies and deceit are obvious.

That said, everyone gets to walk away with “the win”. Iran has sent their legal revenge. Israel claims to have survived and the West gets to claim their help won it.

Something slightly off topic but bizarre and worth mentioning. The Iranian parliament building.

33 windows too…

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The news agency Iran in Arabic reported that the Nevatim Air Base, in addition to Israeli F-35 aircraft, also serves as a hangar for Mossad’s spy planes. A large number of intelligence officers and senior Mossad operatives were permanently present at the base.

According to the news agency, at least 44 officers were killed.

Iran launched 7 hypersonic missiles during the attack on Israel, none of them were intercepted, Iranian media reported

Ta Local, that’s a new one on me.

The Israeli Supreme Court building:



I think we’re both in the right ball park, sort of, but perhaps we’ve missed the real intention of the Iranians?

More from Scott Ritter here:

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I’m interested what that deep looking structure in the foreground is. The whole complex seems to built on a substantial platform, lots of scope for subterranean hidey holes. Don’t blame them in the slightest.

Interesting to see if this information comes to light anywhere else. There is an amusing Israeli “disclosure” from one of the airbases, a photo showing a very neat hole with the spoil from the hole clearly visible only a few metres away.

Apparently there is a video of the scene with bulldozers in the background!!

UK Column played a clip of an expert being interviewed on Sky ‘News’. Putting aside the drones as they are really there to provided analysis of the air defences or distractions, there were 110 ballistic missiles (IDF figures). Seven hit their targets, so around nearly 7% success rate, not 1% as Israehell says.

Late edit: Mercouris is reporting that the Iranians say they launched 7 of their hypersonic missiles. Maybe all seven hit teir targets and that would be the real warning to Israehell?

Hopeless tosser upended by Kay Burley:


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Includes various updates…

Israel War Cabinet Decides On Military Response To Iran Even As Blinken Pleads ‘Not In Anyone’s Interest’

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Sadly cannot share videos here…

This is one of the IOF airbases? Certainly a bit more than a neat hole in the ground.