Sars-CoV-2 is similar to a flying pink elephant (in nature)

Moderna has the exact same nucleotide sequences patented before ‘our’ covid was released…

(I wonder what ‘Dr. Science’ has to say about this :exploding_head:)

“In theory nothing is impossible in science, medicine or genomics. A SARS virus emerging naturally with 3 HIV inserts at its binding sites and also containing a furin cleavage site that doesn’t exist in nature but does exist in a Moderna patent… that’s seriously crazy talk. It doesn’t exist. A flying pink elephant would be a million times more likely.”

And ‘proving’ how this is man-made, and how unlikely this ‘bat virus’ did come from nature:


Great finds, won’t claim I’ve read much of the Zenodo doc though. This makes those Fauci emails back in March 2020, recently un-redacted, highly salient. Thanks @Bob_sYourUncle

The Omicron variant has been characterised as a white hat “let’s call the whole thing off” release. (Makes it sound like a record company strategy…who knows…?)


hi @KarenEliot , thanks for the link it in turns links to this 2020 paper which to me looks like the current rumours about shedding but with full intent:

self-disseminating vaccines are probably already being tested in some of the covid jab “hot lots” , this is just another example of the lunatics taking over the asylum!