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Sadiq Khan quizzed on SECRET PAY-PER-MILE PLANS (He can't answer!)

What a vile and disgusting creature Khan is.


Yes, he’s a repulsively slippery player. That level of arrogance is stunning - obviously he knew from the off that Project Detroit was P2030.

Btw, that’s the first time I’ve seen that horseshoe seating configuration with the shithead sat in glorious isolation! Surprised he hasn’t had a dais installed so that he can lord it over the council minions from a splendid height!

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Why would anyone start a project called Project Detroit given the decay and decline of the actual Detroit - or is this the objective, given the massive tax-payer funding which would eventually flow to the construction and rental industry via the captured authority of a destroyed City. A bit like the New Orleans rebuild after kicking out the undesirable land owners following Katrina :

No doubt we will have the same comparative photos for the NHS in a few years time!


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