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Rumours of a military coup in France

I don’t wish to be dramatic, but this is what I’m hearing at the moment.

I’d be interested in what other ex-pats make of this.

If it’s true, I hope we don’t exchange one group of nutters for another bunch of nutters.

Not heard that one Rob. If there is any truth in this and it follows the patterns elsewhere, it will be Le Pen types, but in favour of medical freedom!! Here is my local situation.

In the local insurance agents office yesterday. The girl behind the perspex screen had her mask below her mouth and I did the same. Then to the mobile phone shop. While waiting for a new battery (so Google can trace me everywhere), I took the nappy off. The next customer said nothing. Went to pay and the owner of the shop said you forgot your mask … “but we are nearly finished anyway”.

I know local youngsters pass around the limited number of legitimate pass sanitaires, and several adults have offered me the use of theirs but I refuse to partake in the charade.

Both French neighbours who have had two jabs are not taking the booster. I continue to shake hands with all my neighbours and friends and deliberately stand closer than 2 meters in queues. Only once has a couple seen me, moved away (they almost jumped) and then went to the back of the queue (two meters behind the next person).

Bordeaux saturday protests continue. The last image I saw of Paris protests, the police were getting a beating, in smoke filled streets.

And finally, my wife gets a message from a local friend. She had to “self isolate” in England because she got pinged on the NHS app! Got back a few days ago and now she’s not going out as she’s heard there are a few “cases” in Chalais!

Beam me up Scotty!

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Pat, that’s interesting what you say about face masks. I’ve noticed similar stuff in my little neck of the woods.

We’ve got gite guests from Paris arriving here Sunday lunchtime, for a two week stay over the Christmas holiday (they have kin here and it’s going to be a big family gathering). For the last month I’ve been liaising closely with the guests - we’ve had all the jabs and they want to lock us down again!? they say.

With regard to the face mask stuff, I also refuse to wear one. However, with regard to the meet and greet on Sunday lunchtime, I will wear a mask around my neck, and will put it on my face if the guests insist. They are, after all, paying a not inconsiderable amount of money for their Christmas holiday here.

Due to present restrictions, and political uncertainties, no one in my sphere is travelling to/from the UK. This means that my elderly mother is still stuck here. While the guests are ensconced in the main house my mother is in my adjoining apartment. I’m now in an old caravan at the back of the barns. As I type this in the early hours it’s at least 5 below zero outside, but caravans are easy to keep warm and I have mains power and internet connection.

With regard to the political situation, there does seem to be something going on, in France and elsewhere.

I think that whatever happens this will be a Christmas the like of which few of us will have experienced before.