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RT: Radioactive cloud' threatening western Europe - Russian security chief

Blog post re: ammo-dump blast; “Depleted Uranium use IS a (Nuclear), War Crime!” Pt. 2 #medicalresponses #bioremediation #depleteduranium #monitoring #nuclearpowermeansnuclearweapons #cheapwarsforcheapwhores: https://www.arafel.co.uk/2023/05/depleted-uranium-use-is-nuclear-war.html

Re: ammo-dump blast #depleteduranium #intelligenceshortfall

So far there has been little mention of either the intelligence blunder or the lack of strategic thinking that enabled the Russian attack to be so devastating…

This shows several things…that communication between the Ukrainian and Western military intelligence services is far from secure, that the necessary infrastructure to conduct the proxy war to the level it is now at (and above), does not really exist in Ukraine and that both shortcomings are a function of NATO’s Janusian position in that it must be seen to be doing one thing whilst actually planning another…

Spectacular video of the Khmelnitsky explosion which I thought I’d posted here but obviously didn’t. The one I was going to post has now been deleted by Shit Tube so here’s the same video on Twitter!

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Hi folks, it seems that the results are in, and they don’t bode well for Ukraine or Western Europe:


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Morning CJ,

I can’t get the Sputnik link to work; is this link below the same piece?

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Yes, basically the same. The Sputnik link worked okay for me (12/11/23 13:15)

Thanks CJ…been rather busy will view post haste!

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