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RT difficult to access, anyone else seeing this?

Lots of RT links not opening in firefox or safari, anyone else having similar problems.


No problem in France on Firefox or Brave.

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Hi CJ,

No problems now but RT was a real mess late last night. (On Firefox and Chrome was even worse).

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Yes the bastards! But I can beat this, as SBS which has been screening 30 min NTV Russian news every day for the last umpteen years announced last night that it and RT would henceforth not be screened as they presented unacceptable content to viewers. Only the Russian expat community here, most of whom would be pro-Putin, so to speak, would watch NTV, along with a scant few dissidents like myself who are trying to improve their Russian understanding. We also get to see things like Bashar al Assad giving Sergei Shoigu a hug on his arrival in Hmeimim last week… and no bullshit about the White Helmets.
As for RT, cancelling it is a f’ing joke, as it only screens once a fortnight at 2.40am! (though ten minutes of RT is sometimes worth more than two full weeks of msm here. )
Today instead of the Russian news there was DW, in English, with an announcement across the bottom of the screen that read : Due to problems with supply, the Russian news is unavailable today. We are bringing you DW news in English instead. SBS regrets any inconvenience.

This has never happened before! SBS screens about thirty different foreign news services every day, including Ukrainian and Polish and Croatian and god knows what else.
We are truly living in 1984 on steroids!