Round one of a correspondence with my local Parish Council, on their drug-pushing messages

Text below. Will update if they bite - though I’m expecting dead silence:


On 17 Dec 2021, at 15:59, … Parish Council wrote:

Apologies that this is the third email today, but it is important

The Parish Council is pleased to share with you that you can book your first or second Covid vaccination or booster by phone. Just ring …. For local appointments at … Clinic there is a very friendly and efficient pre-booking system in place, and minimal queuing on the day.

My response:

Dear Councillors,

Will you please not push the Big-Pharma gangsters’ poison-stabs at me any more. I haven’t had any of these unnecessary, ineffectual, and deadly-dangerous poisonous injections, and I shan’t be having any.

It’s actually quite shameful that you should be promoting them like this. Haven’t you woken up yet to the reality of what’s happening? Do you not yet grasp the fact of the thousands of people who’ve already been killed, or who have been crippled permanently, by the injections? More than have died or have been injured by all previous campaigns of experimental injections put together over the past thirty years or so.

This isn’t even contentious, but is admitted by the official state medicines ‘regulators’ in Britain, Europe, and the US. And all for a flu-like illness from which over 99.95% of infected people recover, with their immune systems then fully primed against any further infections from this illness - though you could be forgiven for not having heard that remarkable fact from the BBC or the rest of the lamestream media.

Please stop promoting the deeply-criminal scam that is being run with these dangerous, unnecessary, not-properly-tested poisons!


Rhisiart Gwilym (aged 81, by the way, and >>easily<< recovered from the covid-flu last year, using already well-known, >>actually-effective, and genuinely proven safe<< treatments for the illness.)



Well done RG, hope you start something at the council.

Bravo Taffy!
Happy to say our parish council hasn’t done anything like that. (Come to think of it they’ve hardly done anything at all about anything in the 5 years we’ve been here.) On the other hand, the County Council (Derbs.) has been assiduously promoting the scam in all its aspects from the start. Their latest is banners hung from lampposts (all round the county) with touching pictures of friends hanging out or a mother with an infant and messages like ‘vaccinations save lives’ etc.

I’m now the proud possessor of a letter from the Chief Medical Officer telling me that NOT ONLY should I have had my first 2 shots BUT ALSO a third because I’m extremely vulnerable AND a booster. I should also get spiked for flu and again for pneumonia. I have thought of replying but I’m that busy working out what’s the best order to get them in…

No doubt you’ll get the same response I got when I copied my letter to our MP concerning, among other things, Nuremberg, to our GP who had blandly told Miriam that there would be ‘consequences’ and that her ‘life could become difficult’ if she continued declining the shite stab: silence.