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Ron Unz on the media, Twitter/Musk/, Kanye West and the ADL

The Unz site certainly hosts the widest spectrum of opinion of any site in the USA. A wide spectrum including very ‘controversial’ topics is, according to Unz himself, to secret to the popularity of his site and also why, according to Unz, his site is not a ‘target’ of the censors: they don’t want more people to know about his site.


Ron’s output at ‘Pravda’ is ALWAYS worth watching. His thesis about the covid scam being at bottom a disguised US biowar attack on Chinese society seems to me entirely credible, with the Chinese responding with ultra-belt-and-braces precautions, because they see it like that too.

Though of course there is that complicating factor that there seems to have been no pandemic to speak of, and most of the excess death has been down to the measures taken - allegedly - against the - alleged - pandemic, together with the disaster of the poison-stabs. The covid-flu itself - whatever it really is, whatever its true origin - seems to be scarcely worse than any normal flu season, IFR > 0.5% and all that. (And then there’s the still unresolved question of whether viruses actually exist at all…)

Ron still has to catch up on these perceptions; though I reckon he will. It seems to be his style: starts out trusting the conventional narrative, then - like a truly intellectually-honest mind - gets slowly converted to more radical interpretations as he becomes aware of the building array of critical dissident evidence.

His story here about Musk’s Twatter stumble underlines yet again a thesis I’ve seen suggested here and there lately, amongst the renegades from official narratives: You can be a multi-billionaire, like Musk, Bezos, Gates and the rest of the parasite dross; but you’d better be clear where ultimate real power rests; and it’s not with you, the footloose multi-billionaire. Step out of line from what the real top-tier ruling mafias want, and you’ll be crushed, despite your billions.

I don’t understand why the execrable cesspit ziocreatures of ADL have proven so scared of Ron recently. I suppose it might have something to do with him being jewish himself. But I dunno: maybe it’s because he is genuinely intellectually-honest, and because - like an actually-honest, principled publisher - he hosts stuff from right across the spectrum, including material that he himself despises and rejects; simply for - real - due honouring of the sacred free-speech principle. I guess such honesty might give baffled pause to the twisted, lying ADL-creatures.

This quote, though, does show that Ron still has some layers of illusion to peel away before he’s fully clear-seeing: “…SpaceX, America’s best hope for continued domination of space…” ‘Continued’, Ron? What, as if it ever has? Ya think, Ron? Er - no: never did, doesn’t now, never will. (On the increasingly persuasive hypothesis that neither USAmericans nor any other humans have ever been to the Moon; not in the biological flesh, anyway; shamanic journeyers are another matter…) :slight_smile:

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And who is real top tier ruling mafia if not a consortium of billionaires? Do you really know who this top tier you refer is in reality? Any proof/evidence?

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Twitter held a “should Trump be readmitted” poll which the Yeses won 52 to 48 approximately. Weird how that narrow margin seems to come up so often (Brexit, numerous mid-term elections in US etc). As things stand he says thanks but he will stick with TruthSocial which he owns or funded (or something, I’ve never looked at it).

Kanye West has intermittent mental health issues and a tendency to blurt things out and then double down. Despite this, and his awful album Donda, which I could only bear to listen to once, I’m a very big fan. My Beautiful Twisted Dark Fantasy would definitely be in my top ten albums. He seems to have inside knowledge of some of the dark stuff that goes on within the entertainment industry, from personal experience and from his erstwhile connection with the bizarre Kardashian family. I fear for him as the continuing trend for rappers to die violently would provide easy smokescreen for a hit from elsewhere. He is back on Twitter now.

A number of advertiser’s have virtue signalled by removing paid advertising from the platform, and now it’s the turn of the Right On Celebs, in a replay of the Spotify psyop. It’s just not a safe space anymore, apparently, unlike in the days when the 77th and Hasbara ran most of the bots and concentrated their fire on covidiots and antivaxxers. Insert your own scare quotes.

There are still plenty of bots and bad actors but they’re mainly targeting Russia at the moment. If you see a reference to NAFO, with an F, that’s the Slava Ukraine mob. I sense they are running out of steam though, and the Elensky-under-bus show shows real signs of being imminent. China and Iran (and several other Official Enemies) are likely to draw more fire soon.

One last observation: CBS announced they would no longer be tweeting…only to reverse the decision within two days. I confidently expect they will U-turn back again.

Twitter is an absolutely fascinating case study and if you choose your bubble carefully can become a way better source of news than the other candidates. I only use Twitter and selected RSS feeds. (Occasionally Orbot/VPN to check out RT and so on. But only on the one device that I regard as compromised!)


Sure, E: it’s the bosses with the retinue of emotionally-loyal, skilled and professional hit-men (and expert torturers and frighteners), together with plenty of skilled spooks as well for Kompromat and snooping purposes (epsteinery). The CIA and Mossad spring to mind, of course; and their equivalents around the world.

I’d be inclined to look - as opined by insider John Le Carre’ - in the secret services of such imperial states as England, the US, zionistan, etc. There - according to both Le Carre’ and me - you’ll find the truest examples of absolute loyalty to a particular worldview, and to the leader-figures who share it. A class-interest and tribal thing, at root, known since the time of the composing of ‘Beowulf’, and for much longer than that, I’d guess: the community of the charismatic fighting leader and his war-band.

I’m less familiar with the character of the equivalent ‘elites’ in Russia, China and further afield, but I’ll eat my socks if it’s any different there.

Confronted with outfits like those, with the power not just of career-crushing but of both death and worse-than-death at their professional fingertips, no savvy billionaire is going to take the risk of offending them; especially knowing, if he’s savvy enough, that no merely-hired private army of guards of his own is ever going to be loyal-unto-death to him, and also carrot-n-stick-proof against offers they can’t refuse, coming from the opposition: the state executioners.

Naturally I don’t underestimate the enormous power that huge piles of WealthPowerStatus gives to money-grubbers. But what I think I see is a stand-off and a deal between them and the state-running mafiosi:

“You ultra-richos can carry on money-grubbing (as long as we get a protection cut, natch) and you can do what you like with your loot. Piss about with foundations, leccy-cars, toy rockets, whatever. But just make sure we won’t dislike what you propose to do, before you do it; get our green-light first, right? Because - well, great billionaire’s life you got here, squire. Terrible shame if something were to happen to it - or to you.”

I think I see also factions amongst the top-tier imperial power mafiosi: the war-band leaders themselves: Rivalries which further complicate the situation. And I dare say you’ll have heard me inveigh now and then on the idea that we, humankind, are a lot less impressively powerful than we like to believe: little farties all, rather than demi-gods.

For that reason, I don’t believe that there’s anyone at all anywhere, no faction, no secret fraternity, that’s fully in charge. The whole system continues to rumble along of its own accord, evolving spontaneously as it goes, and no humans are in charge.


PS: The vid of David Irving speaking to a Canadian audience, which Ron includes, is worth a look. I can tell you as a veteran thesp myself that he’s an impressive performer: absolutely on top of his script, and with a driving energy that any leading actor would kill for:

An interesting take on this, though he might be overegging it, is provided by Tom Luongo. He mainly concentrates on the US and calls the two sides Davos and the Fed. The latter is the Federal Reserve which is more economically realistic and uses monetary policy to try and keep hyperinflation at bay. The former is essentially the WEF acolytes, and maps closely to the Democrats and Republicans In Name Only (RINOs). They are using identity politics to erase class consciousness, successive psyops and provocations to distract we plebs (Covid, Ukraine, and Trump as bogeyman). They care very little for economics as they figure having the best guns, and a Reset up their sleeves, will let them muddle through.

Not having the best guns after all has put a dent in their ambitions though.

Luongo tends to podcast/panel discuss rather than blog, so I use Mark Wauck’s SubStack as a secondary source. He often provides transcripts and it’s worth a look from time to time in any case. He is retired FBI.


In fact, if you watch the last few bravura minutes of Irving’s performance before the Canadian audience, you rather get the impression of: the Stewart Lee of white-supremacist anti-communism.

As Alan Bennett once put it in one of his monologues: “Sad, really… but quite funny too” (little sly smile creeps up one side of mouth).

No, I don’t think so. Queen Elizabeth I killed the richest man in her kingdom. But things changed. The wielder of physical force is the employee/slave of the money man. That’s modern feudalism.

In the ‘west’ that is. In China the kill billionaires every so often, so maybe having a state bank in the hands of a centralized party apparatus changes the balance of power. Michael Hudson clearly thinks so.

But in the west it’s the unelected politburo of dynastic wealth that seems to hold sway and who pay pay pay to keep it that way way way.

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Really E? You’d trust a bunch of mere hireling guards to keep you invulnerable to the gics’ genuinely-loyal hitmen, would you? Your guys loyal to you till death - for a few hundred quid a week each? Really?

“Sir, I disagree with what you say, but I defend to the death your extraordinary optimism.” With apologies for mangling Voltaire - if it really was he who said it… :slight_smile:

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I have my doubts too but he definitely said the one about pour encourager les autres. Zelenskiy will have heard of this one as it’s only his closest ‘guards’ that keep him alive. Not through bodyguarding skills exactly, but by refraining from wringing his neck. How likely is it that, sooner or later, this trend will suddenly reverse? Approaching 99%.

Meanwhile Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West) is thinking of running for the White House. Again.

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