Ron Unz on Robert Kennedy's 'Real Anthony Fauci'

Though on the opposite end of the left/right, radical/conservative spectrum from me, I like - and respect - Ron Unz because of his reliable intellectual honesty, and because of his demonstrated willingness to modify, or even reverse, his previous judgement on a matter when new, eye-opening material comes to his attention that he finds persuasive. Also, he seems to be impervious to herd-following approval-seeking. Wonderful quality! :grinning: This article of his exemplifies that honesty of approach. Despite the differences outlined in my opening sentence above, I find ‘The Unz Review’ to be always worth a regular visit; rather as I’m finding TCW to be…! Principled eclecticism is always a good idea :wink::


I’m still only halfway through the book, the material that mainly focuses on Fauci and the HIV/AIDS years. I share Unz’s incredulity, but also his acceptance that the account given there is very probably accurate. The second half, basis for the first part of RU’s review, sounds cracking.

The eBook needs no index, of course, but I can see how this would be a weakness in the dead tree version (apart from the reduction in page count).

Part of the reason why I’m not making quicker progress are the rival attractions of this:

It’s a great article, also a good review of Kennedy’s e-book, or part of it. Unz is a bit fumbly on the vaccine issues, but freely admits to knowing little about them. Unexpectedly he takes most interest in the HIV controversy, and tentatively gives credibility to RFK’s account, which wholly opposes the accepted wisdom. A man with no fear, despite coming completely cold to the issue! Refreshingly honest. I like his observation of the significance of the fact that in terms of any official rebuttal of Kennedy’s monumental references, ‘It’s all gone quiet over there’.

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