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Rhisiart Gwilym has sadly passed away this morning

Such sad news
Rest in peace Rhis


Thanks Rob - suits Rhisiart very well I think; there’s always a place for poetry in my mind, if it can just breakthrough the burden of rational thinking… sorry I never got to hear of you… !

Rhis sometimes spoke about the war (WW2). My Mother (about the same age) was evacuated to Lyme Regis, and remembers playing on the beach while it was all kicking off on the other side of the Channel (D-Day, 1944), with the sound of missiles and shells and huge numbers of people being slaughtered.

A different generation. And now we’ve got Drag Queen Story Time, and all the rest of this nonsense…

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I need a break from all the madness that’s going on at the moment. So, Gwenno Saunders was born in Cardiff in 1981. Her father is a noted Cornish poet and her mother is a Welsh activist. As a result Gwenno is fluent in both the Cornish and Welsh languages. Now. you can’t beat that, can you (or maybe you can).

How much time do you give to these people; although I have to say that Gwenno was very good…


Progtastic. PSB do come up with some good stuff.

Were those shots of David Niven from A Matter Of Life And Death? If so they were filmed in a mock-up of the cockpit of a Lancaster Bomber. Before I get my coat and exit through the Pedants Only gift shop here’s a fab bit from the film. Not just the most magnificent propaganda film ever (though Leni Riefenstahl would have differed) but an all-time great full-stop.

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Just returned from cycle camping away from all the bollox to find out Rhys died the day Miriam & I set out. Sounds like a speedy exit, good for him! It will take a long time to get used to not seeing his name here and btl elsewhere, always worth reading despite his occasional lapses into purple prose on acid (the prose, that is). His easy acceptance of disagreement and his friendly and good-humoured responses to opposition were pretty unique and consistent throughout the years since we first encountered him on MLMB and an example to all. We followed up many of his recommendations (JMG foremost among them) and benefitted accordingly.

He was a good man as far as I know (never met, sadly, and never knew his history apart from his references to an acting career) who lived simply and planted trees every time he went out (I’ve never doubted his honesty when describing his lifestyle, so in keeping with his postings). The photo confirms how I’ve always thought of him (though his hair is short and he’s cleanshaven!) (and looking all the better for it!). Hope his dog is being provided for.

Wonderful story about his (near-)deathbed conversion as related to his partner and relayed to Admin. - worthy of Pasteur himself. Except RG was always agin the Permanent Bullshit Blizzard and not a proponent of it!

RIP Rhys, or should that be “Keep slugging bro”?