RFK Jr ebook on special offer

Until 22 Nov RFK Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is £2.99 via A Large Online Ebook Seller. Even if only 10% of the 900 pages are any good that looks like a decent deal. I’m fascinated to see if the ebook is unpublished some time later on.

Judging by a 10 minute skim there’s a lot of pre-Covid material history covered too.



Only a little way in (so far, so good) and already he has mentioned ‘regulatory capture’ several times. Given Chomsky’s position regarding Covid and the ‘settled science’, I wonder if we should send him a copy of Kennedy’s book!

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Nah! Just accept that Noam is now into his dotage, and let him maunder and moulder confusedly in peace. Salute past good work, and leave it at that. Poor old bugger’s just completely out of his depth about the attempted global coup. Sad.

It’s ruffling a few feathers; check out the one star reviews over on the various Big A sites.

From the chapter on ivermectin:

“The Together Trial organizer was Gates’ trial designer, Ed Mills, a scientist with heavy conflicts with Pharma and a reputation as a notorious industry biostitute.“


In that same chapter, the Lawrie/Hill conversation, though not surprising, was shocking; gutless chancing bastard.

Lawrie goes on to lambast “…billionaire sociopaths…” (amongst others) holding us to ransom. Would anyone disagree with that description of, as Kennedy says, presumably Gates?

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I get Robert’s news mailout just about every day: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=f9bced5e-3d29-42fe-b537-d7dbf9836aab
and it lists a lot of book-shops which carry his book. All in NAmerica, though, it seems. Can’t find anywhere in his website that sells them directly. I’ll keep looking. The gics and their whores won’t be able to suppress it completely.

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You like to think you’re informed but the criminal chicanery employed by Gates, Fausti et al and exposed here will have your blood pressure soaring.

The book is discussed in the latest Corbett report and sounds like a must read:


Hi @RhisiartGwilym , I went online to ebooks.com and got an ebook for £2.49. There was a lot of messing about with their reader but I got it in the end.



Been looking for the hard back version as I don’t want to read it on screen and like to keep the interesting books. Finally, finally found it in stock in the UK, with UK delivery (one book) at £19.55. They definately don’t want to sell this book.


An about half way through and have to keep putting the bloody thing down. That this man isn’t locked away is staggering. Obviously he has the usual coterie of very powerful friends. The AIDS/HIV and COVID playbook parallels are beyond anything I imagined. If you haven’t bought it, you must.