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Return of the pigf*cker, dead pig that is

While braving the ordeal named Tesco I noticed a couple of headlines praising Suella Devile for standing up to, oh… someone or other. Returning home with the requisite supply of Kitkat I now see she has been ousted. And ‘Lord’ Dave Cameron is the new Foreign Secretary with Lt. Col. James Far From Cleverly as Home Sec. Various other comedy appointments no doubt in progress.


Perhaps our dear Suella :face_vomiting: was not hard enough on the police for letting those hate marches go ahead. Or maybe her shilling for Israhell just wasn’t forceful enough. Answers on a postcard to ……

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She was given the traditional notice 3 or 4 days ago:
Suella Braverman: Rishi Sunak still has confidence in home secretary

She was even too hardline for people like Nicholas Soames and Laura Kuessenberg. Forgetting to even pretend the Office has responsibilities related to appearances.

She still has a lot of support among the Tory rednecks. Word is she may have angled for this, hoping to get the PM job after the next election, which is already regarded as a goner.

Cameron an interesting replacement. Is Sunak looking a bit shoogly? Even Liz Truss sacked Braverman.

Trouble is no matter what kind of mess the Tories get themselves into we’ll still end up with Sir Kid Bomber

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Yes black ‘comedy’ too, and not just locally

This is frightful.
Israel plans to install Blair as ‘coordinator’ to ‘legitimise’ war on Gaza


The Man of Mass Destruction himself.

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Not so much ‘frightful’ Evvy as ‘entirely appropriate’ surely.

The Times of Israel article quoted by Swawkbox ends thus:

“As the war continues, the Hamas-run health ministry in the Gaza Strip has reported some 11,000 casualties of war. This number cannot be independently verified and is believed to include members of the terror group, as well as civilians killed by misfired Palestinian rockets that fell within the Strip.”

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It’s both. Frightful because it means Blair never went away.

Blair is out for himself as usual - he isn’t bothered that his appearance as the prince of Darkness would stamp the Evil on the whole thing, and also galvanize the older brigade here no end.

He still B. Lying.

This from his job application:

" As the full nature of the barbarity and disgusting savagery of Hamas’ attack on Israel becomes clear, which the perpetrators know full well will result not only in grief and tragedy for Israelis but also for the people of Gaza, it becomes clear also that decades of conventional western diplomacy around the Israeli/Palestinian issue will need to be fundamentally re-thought.
Tony Blair"

The “savagery” is becoming increasingly doubted, with Ritter saying it seems to have been a military operation to seize hostages, with the IDF involved much earlier than was let on, and lots of reports of IDF killing indiscriminately in their panic and also reports of being told to avoid hostages being taken.

As ever, Blair talks as if he has seen evidence that does not exist.

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In all the weaseliest of weasel words flying around at the moment this is the most telling. Maybe Hillary Clinton would like to help? While she marks time waiting for the 1-2-3 Dem electoral campaign.

1/Biden unfortunately becomes indisposed after walking down a lift shaft. Er, I mean unguardedly walking into a brutal Hamas-Is-ISIS tunnel

2/Kamala reluctantly takes the reins and appoints Killary as Deputy

3/Kamala realises it’s all a bit much or drinks some poorly distilled gin or both and hands over to Killary

The rest is irrelevant because they’re gonna cheat anyway.

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So so unlike “US intelligence sources” of course. Which are “the IDF told us” (except they don’t say that bit out loud)

Came across this during my hiatus.

So many things in this article that explain so much about this appointment.


I can’t quite believe that I knew this but had forgotten about it…