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Retired neurosurgeon and neurological researcher Russell Blaylock lacerates the crooks behind the covid scam

Comprehensive trashing of the crooked lies behind the scam, and the massive crimes against humanity that multiple actors within ‘health’ and ‘health regulation’ have actively, wilfully committed, or have been drawn into by threats and manipulation, during the scam. And it’s not all been shot down yet; the criminals behind this scam are still pushing it.

This report complements the discussion that Everyman initiated on Robert Kennedy’s ‘Real Anthony Fauci’, but I thought it important to give it a standalone post, as it’s so thoroughly referenced - and it trashes the scammers and their damned scam so thoroughly:

Readers in Britain may be starting to notice, as I have, the sea-change which is spreading over our - well ‘our’ - NHS: the stink of USAmerican for-gouged-profit commercialised-‘medicine’ scams now percolating right through the hospital system, and through general-practice usages.

And wouldn’t ya know it (how bloody typical of the hopelessly incompetent, Swampie-arse-kissing quisling compradors running their wretched ukstate as a grovelling US imperial province) this is happening just as the vile, criminal US ‘healthcare’ system is crashing off it’s last legs into disaster; as Russell also details; following the general crash of the whole disgusting Az empire, in fact:


It’s a decent summary, of the academic publishing racket as lever for The Science, thanks @RhisiartGwilym, and of the wider issue: medicalization of human health.

That may seem a weird way of putting it so I’ll try to clarify.

Childbirth is a good example. We’re told how much safer this is, in privileged countries, and I’m quite sure ample statistics would prove that. What they don’t prove, and can’t, because the world is never that simple, is that men (mostly) with medical degrees and trusted senior nurses (mainly women) have achieved this totally in isolation from, for example, general improvements in sanitation, housing, nutrition, economic factors, improved prenatal services and so on.

By the same logic regional disparities in infant mortality (and birth weight, maternal health, postnatal depression, etc etc etc) tend to be interpreted as meaning “…we need more of the same stuff, but in Middlesbrough…!” (random and quite possibly incorrect example of deprived area).

It’s a clever trick that lets the money making machine self perpetuate a bit longer. Not mentioning Cuba, or cancelling anybody who does, is part of the same con of course.