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Reinstate the Disability Cost of Living Payment: Petition

"I am writing this petition in response to the governments decision to discontinue the Disability Cost of Living Payment.

The rising cost of living, especially the rise in energy bills, disproportionately affects disabled people. For example, someone with a chronic lung condition may require a set temperature in their home. This may mean that they have their heating on more than a comparable household. Furthermore, some may require specialist and/or medical equipment to be plugged in and active throughout the day. This, in turn, can lead to higher energy usage and therefore higher energy bills. This point is even more pertinent as energy bills are set to increase further at the start of January 2024.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that disabled people are twice as likely to live in poverty compared to non-disabled people in the UK. The reinstatement of this payment is not just about money; it’s about dignity, independence and survival for thousands across our nation. The payment, although far too small, acted as an essential lifeline that helped to cover basic needs such as food, heating and transportation.

We urge the government to acknowledge the plight of disabled people and reinstate the Disability Cost of Living Payment. The payment should also be reviewed and increased to effectively support disabled people in the UK. It is a matter of basic human rights and social justice. I truly hope this payment is reinstated soon as possible and paid alongside other cost of living payments in the UK."