Reiner Fuellmich's team hear Brian Gerrish's testimony

Turns out UKColumn News was founded by Brian and Mike Robinson fourteen years ago, and they’ve been doing their distinctive brand of investigative journalism ever since, only lately springing into global prominence through their constant outing of the deceits of the covid scam.

They seem to have specialised in uncovering the applied-psychology/NLP sheep-herding methods developed by governments recently, and Brian is usefully enlightening about that in this video. I lean politically in other directions than the lads at UKCN; but I hear their quality work constantly, and stand firmly with them, despite differences in political preference; the sort of solidarity across lesser boundaries which is so essential now, for grass-roots movements of commoners, to fight back against the comprehensive con that’s being laid on us all right now; far wider than just dealing with a - fake - ‘pandemic’, and stuffing unnecessary, ineffectual and dangerous - but hugely profitable - fake-cines into over-trusting suckers:


Another for the Watch list. By and large the grey areas of UKC’s coverage are tolerable for the sake of the broad direction of travel. David Scott is a happy clappy wafflebot but it’s easy enough to zone out when he goes off on the diabolical plot against the god-fearing for the nth time.

Yep me too. However, I have been listening to them on and off for years and they did some great stuff on child abuse. But since Corona, they are one of the few reliable UK centered sources of news on the plandemic. Actually, despite our political differences, having an ex spook on their team makes for an interesting perspective on some of the discussions.

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