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Reiner Fuellmich 'escorted' to arrest in Germany

Having always had my doubts about Reiner, or his Coronavirus Stiftung (sp?), I stopped following his story a while back. Turns out he has been laying low in Mexico. But no longer: escorted from the German Embassy there to Frankfurt where he was arrested.

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Dr. Bakhti also in trouble. Russell Brand being targeted, who next, Galloway? Support for Palestine/criticism of Israel being criminalised. The west is beginning to resemble Germany in 1930.


I agree entirely.



Thanks for these updates folks; I’d been wondering about him, and had had a quick skim - thereby missing the point, of course. He was KIDNAPPED in Mexico, right?
That makes him seem important to the authorities. Hard to believe the internal strife arising from his supposedly fringe legal activities would justify this international effort.

His almost Assangian value seems more likely to come from what he has been spilling about the covid narrative in the course of these (paralegal?) interviews; which is basically, everything.

Fuellmich has spoken with the best connected. Just as Meryl Nass has strong form in the area of bioweapons, Barrie Trower (who Fuellmich visited in person at home as Trower refuses to be online) was a super expert in radiofrequency fields (and/as) weapons, who used to train spies in the black art science of maleffects. Trower has been explaining about the health effects of RF and elctromagnetic fields for many years.

Simone Gold also found her number two in America’s Frontline Doctors accusing her of dastardly deeds.
As with Fuellmich, it’s one person’s word against another but the two situations are very similar. One professional person puts everything on the line and morphs into a dedicated campaigner and exposer of lies; also displays almost awesome leadership abilities while making maximum use of their time to lead and enthuse the public by their actions and productions.
Another person without much of a profile emerges, who like Fischer presumably also puts in heroic hours and gets into the position of trusted assistant to the leader.

The friction that appears between no.1 and no 2. is ferocious, and happens to be framed in such a way that, if true, would unequivocally criminalize them, and take them out of circulation.

Stuff is produced that is allegedly damning of the Great Leader.

The role played by the No 2 here is highly useful to the PTB.
Is it one that can be envisaged by them early on in proceedings, and acted upon?
I.e. is it the case that in an operation worth untold billions of $ (even regionally and nationally), that if crimes were not committed by the Great Leader/threats to the operation, they would have to be invented?

Or has there been simple commandeering of resources by someone abusing their position.

It is remarkable that great leader/threats to the $$ seem to fall, as if by magic.

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That’s certainly how it seems. Reiner has for a long time said the German court system is completely corrupt. Kidnapping a national for any purpose from a foreign country shows just how far the state will go.

As for Fischer, was she a plant from the very start? Bit like the Assange rape case?

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Howell Woltz

October 17, 2023

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This may be of interest:

EDIT: For an email received from a former fellow student of Viviane Fischer, regarding Viviane Fischer in her student days, click to download. (English translation, German original).


Interesting question Pat, hadn’t actually occurred to me but the narrative of the wronged woman (bearing in mind that many such cases really are what they appear to be) is a definite favourite of our Powers That should not Be. Possibly not quite as beloved as the beheaded baby but in the Top Three bullshit gotchas for sure… and way harder to disprove than most other gotchas.

Ah, recruited on campus then . . .

accused of financial crimes and yet according to the article “the money is still in the account” !


Reiner Fuellmich, In 18 Minute Recording From Prison, Reveals Deep Infiltration, Intelligence Gathering, And Plot; Also Says Covid Empire Of Lies Crumbling

“There Will Be An Official Investigation Of The Plandemic.”

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Reiner Fuellmich Team Have Found Bombshell Evidence Of A Dossier Showing Conspiracy To Take Him Out Of His Profession

CRUCIAL DOSSIER. DOSSIER REINER FUELLMICH. Comprehensive analysis and recommendations for dealing with Reiner Fuellmich.

Two recent updates from Reiner Fuellmich on 29th and 12th June 2024.