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Starmer says he’s ‘restless for change’ when asked about speed of delivery

Asked by the BBC’s Chris Mason how quickly he could deliver “concrete change”, Keir Starmer answered:

Look, I’m restless for change and I think and hope that what you’ve already seen demonstrates that. Not least, the appointment yestreday of Patrick Vallance and James Timpson, two individuals who are associated with change and delivery. And it won’t suprise you to know that the discussions I had yesterday with them weren’t the first discussions I’ve had with them.”

Referring to 14 year’s of a Tory government, Starmer said “it is going to take time”. “We have plans in place,” he added, repeating the line from election night about how Labour had wanted to “hit the ground running”.


Sir Patrick John Thompson Vallance KCB FRS FMedSci FRCP HonFREng (born 17 March 1960[2]) is a British physician, scientist, and clinical pharmacologist who has served as Minister of State for Science in the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology since July 2024.[3] He served as the Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of the United Kingdom from 2018 to 2023. On stepping down, he became chair of the Natural History Museum in London.

  1. Worked for Tories, immediately employed by Labour…

  2. (more importantly) When is it kicking off and what exactly do they have planned?

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Re your first post (bird flu vaccines) LY…

Two things to reply to…


From the package insert of the (bird-flu vaccine) Sequirus link (trade name Audenz):

“Unsolicited AEs leading to death, n (%) 11 (0.5) 1 (0.1)”
This was out of 2395 and 796 patients respectively.

Meryl Nass picked up that it looks like deaths in the vaccine group were five times the placebo. (It’s actually about 4 times, as the 0.5 and 0.1 are rounded to one place).
Whether four or five times, she has a strong point. The trial is supposed to highlight potential risks.

"The trial (Study 3) described in the label (the only randomized controlled trial of Audenz) which I referenced included, from Table 2 1163 plus 1189 = 2,352 recipients of Audenz and 784 placebo recipients. During the observation period there were 11 deaths in the Audenz group and 1 in the placebo group.

If that is not a statistically significant difference (0.5% vs 0.1%), it is close, and ought to have necessitated further study before a license was issued. Which apparently was not done. Why?"

(This was the second email from Nass in an exchange that began when the Pharma-friendly Newsguard attempted a Gotcha-style fact check on Nass. This was the first.

Newsguard got more than they bargained for. After Nass’s second reply, they gave up and didn’t even publish the fact check, having corrected for zero incorrect facts.

“It seems they only want to report gotcha’s.” - Nass).


Also regarding the planned production in the US - Germany is also going nuts.

Germany Creating Capacity to Produce Over One Billion mRNA Vaccine Doses Per Year

Written by Robert Kogon

For just 80 million people, and no disease yet.

The UK was quiker in on the act, contracting for 250m dose capacity - and that was in 2022

It’s as if they all know something we don’t.


I hadn’t realised Vallance was a mucky muck at the NHM. Helping prop up Big Fossil eh.

Yours, Bishop Ussher

Didn’t Johnson do “hit the ground running” already?