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Reading Sputnik again without a VPN

After our glorious democratic revolution to stop us being misled by news from ‘others’, I found that Sputnik was removed to stop my feeble mind being lied to.

I messed about, as usual, and found that I could view the site again using the free ProtonVPN, choosing USA!, and could be lied to once again - bliss!

I’ve been using a paywall remover for Spectator (shoot me!) called ‘12 foot wall’ and found it worked well, as it now does with Sputnik.

(Mods: I can’t show an example here.)

Anyway, you insert: 12ft.io/ after the two obliques and before www.
So, it’s:
https:// THEN 12ft.io/ and before www.whatever

No spaces when you type it out, and save any amended addresses as bookmarks.

PS: I’d to edit this, as the oblique went missing from the 12ft.io part. :neutral_face: