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Ray McGovern on the US attitude to WCK (aka White Helmets?) murders

Nearly 40 minutes of video (no transcript). He relates personal experience of a ship that was due to follow the Mavi Marmara taking aid to Gaza and the US attitude to it. The diplomatic message to Israehell was something like “we’ll be happy to see dead bodies of these activists”.

If you have friends who are outraged by the killing of the WCK workers point out as McGovern does, 6 of them white. Perhaps, that’s where the outrage stems from?


I reckon Ali Abunimah has got it right:

I also reckon the Israelis knew exactly what they were doing and their friends knew all the right noises to make. World Central Kitchen will re-emerge as the heroes of the hour, everybody will cheer, goodbye UNRWA, (fuck off A-rabs).


He (Ali Abunimah) absolutely nails it. How anyone could believe suddenly these guys build a pier in Gaza and then send in people to provide aid is anything other than an Israehell supported agenda is beyond me. Now, the Aussies are incensed by the killing of one white guy while blind to the 30,000 plus non-whites, and Biden calling the head of WCK. WTF (not WCK) my 12 year old grandson can make the obvious inference as the facts are clear.

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Ray is fantastic, spins a good yarn and has astonishing recall of exact dates. I’ve been watching pretty much everything he does: Nima, as above, Judge Nap (solo and with Larry Johnson), and he did an hour or so with The Duran yesterday.

Yes, I read that yesterday, and thought the WCK selective outrage felt off. Three of the workers, all Brits, were described as Security Officers and seemed to have SAS background. Tucking into a steak near Hereford right now??