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Quote of the week from Sunak - it's not our fault

"That’s not someone’s fault that we had a pandemic and then a war in Ukraine, and that is a big source of the frustration and insecurity that people feel and all the damage that it’s done to our living standards over the past few years.”

Pandemic ‘mistakes’ were legion and many deliberate - and didn’t Boris drop into Ukraine in a Union Jack parachute to scupper a peace agreement.

And what is the Tories’ biggest fear?

"Former Cabinet minister Robert Jenrick told the Telegraph that the U.K. may end up as an "elective dictatorship that will be equally unrestrained on raising taxes.” "

They truly deserve oblivion should it occur, and it will only be human to relish it. Though I’m not sure if the country will be any better off; with the Toriness spread between Starmer and Farage’s mob, it won’t have gone away.


Alex Christoforou commented on the deal in his latest video. According to him the details were not released as it made Russia look good. Ukraine could join the EU and do whatever else they liked however, no missiles, no NATO, stay neutral, and Crimea to negotiated at a later date. Published by the NYT on the day of the ‘peace’ summit. No wonder Boris didn’t want it. Watch from 27 minutes.


I don’t know if you guys have read Putin’s latest speech. Took me about 8 hours going back to it and rereading so it sank in.

My takeaway keeper;

…Meanwhile, the West ignores our interests, while at the same time forbidding Kiev to negotiate, and hypocritically calling on us for some negotiations. It just looks idiotic: on the one hand, they forbid them to negotiate with us, and on the other, they call us for negotiations and even hint that we are refusing negotiations. It’s some kind of nonsense. But we are living in a kind of Wonderland.

But first of all, they should give Kiev the command to lift the ban, the self-ban on negotiations with Russia, and secondly, we are ready to sit down at the negotiating table even tomorrow. We understand all the peculiarity of the legal situation, but there are legitimate authorities there even according to the Constitution, I just mentioned it now, there is someone to negotiate with. Please, we are ready. Our conditions for starting such a conversation are simple and are as follows…

He then goes on to list a very reasonable deal. Not as good as the last one, but still a very good deal. Reminds me of Genghis Khan and his tent system.

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Tis a pity that St. Margaret is not here to see it.

I’m going to miss the Tories for 2 reasons though.

  1. They were aptly named. Brigands.

  2. Their death highlights the end of democracy. Yes, it’s been a sham, but the facade has gone now. Britain’s going to a very dark place over the next 5 years. Just in time for 2030…


I had to look up the tent system… Perfect metaphor. The Putin speech gives him a clearly explicable mark in the sand and will win kudos with China and the rest of Brics, while signalling to Russian internal opposition, urging a much harder line, that patience and restraint have been tried, and are now exhausted.

First time around the response was Boris Johnson waving his flabby man tits and the Bucha make-believe. Now we get the usual rent-a-quote saber rattling, not least Duda and that Girl Boss angling for the NATO job urging “decolonisation” of RF. Chutzpah or what?

Nabbing Odessa and Kharkhiv, and maybe even Kiev, will focus people’s minds… but even then one foresees a rump state somewhere off to the West, truly the borderlands/krajina.

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The doubling down continues.

Vucic has made a speech. Cutting 6 mins down to a line;

We have 3-4 months…

I see UK press is trying to goad the Russians into using a tactical nuke.

And here’s the man who was elected on an anti NATO ticket;

NATO in talks to deploy more nuclear weapons - Stoltenberg

The bloc must show its nuclear arsenal to the world to send a direct message to its foes, the chief of the “defensive” alliance insisted. (Telegraph)

He revealed there were live consultations between members on taking missiles out of storage and placing them on standby as he called for transparency to be used as a “deterrent.”

Stoltenberg warned that China in particular was investing heavily in modern weaponry - including its nuclear arsenal, which he claimed would grow to 1,000 warheads by as early as 2030.

Dunno about you,but I’m planning on enjoying the next ten weeks or so. See some things etc

Stay safe all. For what it is worth…

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Crooke gives an explanation.