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Putin & Xi, preparing for big sanctions war w/ Alex Krainer (Live

84 minutes. Something big taking place here with Putin taking the entire Russian government, even Nabiullina, with him to this summit in China. I hope they’re not all going on the same plane!

The Duran May 16, 2024

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The optics from the meeting, for example multiple cabinet members lined up to greet VVP, are a stark contrast with those of Yellen and Blinkin In The Free World. But then again the outright abusive tone of the US’s “diplomacy” made that inevitable.

Putin & Xi forge Russia/China Ties with 8000 word statement highlighting the split between East and West. The New World in the East has just walked away from the continuing and irreversibly collapsing West for good.

Watch the last 24 minutes of the broadcast from 1:01:32

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