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Putin Kiev Ultimatum: Drop Zelensky, Withdraw 4 Regions, No NATO Or Face Defeat

Well worth watching the first 40 minutes:


It’s a spectacular move. Once again highlighting how the Russians are playing chess and we’re playing cards against humanity.

As described in one corne of the tubes, Putin has aggressively started negotiations before they’ve started. NATO now has to counter this instead of just chatting crap like normal. It is once again a generous offer (possibly too generous if Russian polls are to be believed). The population has ran out of patience now they know Russia is losing big numbers each month.

The other one to listen to is Medvedev. It’s classic good cop, bad cop. Here’s a recent one from him;

"Here are the new American sanctions. There will be new European ones soon. Do we need to respond to them? It seems not, their number is already measured in tens of thousands. We have learned to live and develop with them.

On the other hand, it is necessary. Not only for the authorities, the state, but for all our people in general. To everyone who loves our Motherland - Russia. After all, they - the USA and their darn allies - declared war on us without rules!

How to react? I already talked about this once, but it’s worth repeating.
Every day we must try to inflict maximum harm on those countries that have imposed these restrictions on our country and all our citizens. Harm to everything to which harm can be done. Harm to their economies, their institutions, and their rulers. Harm to the well-being of their citizens. Their confidence in the future. To do this, we must continue to look for the critical vulnerabilities of their economies and hit them in all areas. Cause damage in all places, paralyzing the work of their companies and government agencies. Find problems in their most important technologies and strike them mercilessly. Literally destroy their energy, industry, transport, banking, and social services. Instill fear of the imminent collapse of all critical infrastructure.

Are they afraid of handing over our weapons to the enemies of the Western world? We must transfer to them all possible types of weapons, except nuclear (for now)!
Are they afraid of anarchy and an explosion of crime in major cities? We must help disorganize their municipal government!
Are they afraid of war in space? This means they will receive it too. Let everything stop for them, let everything deteriorate, let everything go to hell!
Are they afraid of social explosions? Let’s arrange them! We need to throw all the most ominous night terrors into their media sphere, and use all their terrible phantom pains. No need to spare their psyche anymore! Let them shiver in their cozy homes, let them shiver under the blankets.
Are they yelling about our use of fake news? Let’s turn their life into a completely crazy nightmare in which they will not be able to distinguish wild fiction from the realities of the day, infernal evil from the routine of life.

And no rules regarding the enemy! Let them get everything in full for harming Russia and as painfully as possible! Everyone can contribute!

Quid pro quo!
Tit for tat!
“fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; whatever injury he has given a person shall be given to him”
(Leviticus 24:20)"

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Agreed. I think the four oblasts offer is clearly a sop to NATO that may reflect facts on the ground but soon will not. And the next offer will be much less favourable.

It would have been better placed in this thread but c.f. Watching Washington Foment Nuclear War - 18

As an aside, how can the ten year cooperation agreement between USA and Ukraine be taken seriously when the signatories are a drooling dotard and a make-believe president whose term expired…? Alas, it will be, and guess who will be picking up the bill. Why it’s FTEU of course. Nuland’s description.

Very good interview with Larry Johnson:

Ian Proud.

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