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Putin Interview

It’s 2 hours long. Am trying to work my way through it. First minute hits hard for me.



The assets are out in force to diss it and obscure any relevant points Putin made, like the West’s duplicity around expansion of Nato.

It’s hiliarious to hear BBC pundits complain of softball interview and that Putin’s human rights records wasn’t raised, given their history of ignoring, burying or supporting abuses by the US and UK. And Israel of course.

Seeing Russians in action like Putin and Lavrov is a reminder of what real politicians are like. Even if you disagree with their interpretation, there’s an evident gravitas about the way they discuss, as they appeal to history and generally matters of a factual nature.
Whereas in the UK we never really shook off the effects of Punch and Judy in our formative years; at least, that’s what our leaders seem to think.


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I watched it all in one hit, Putin’s restraint and courtesy are not really capable of being spun into something else…though I’ve seen some attempts already. His general point that the ball is in the court of the Axis Of Theft was abundantly clear.

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Carlson was by turn intelligent and clumsy - even rude on at least one occasion. Putin showed why he is a world leader and was himself very patient with idiot boy Carlson (especially when TC demonstrated that he hadn’t heard, or understood, what VP had already told him. . .) and also evasive when he needed to be, with Carlson not picking up.

I quite like Kit Knightly’s take:


A very valid piece. Except if you’re not interested in Carlson. He is comparable to Trump. Maybe not one of “them” as such but still part of the club they are apart of. Carlson himself has admitted to being uncomfortably rich (my description, how else do you describe many trust funds?)

I learned more about Russia in 40 minutes than I did in 11 years at school. It also handily explains why things are the way they are (apart from the fact that Russia was never going to surrender their only warm water naval port, who would?) That smile when he points out Carlsons CIA attempt. The laugh they share when Tucker claims he was busy that day, and the immediate reply from VVP.

For the record, it has felt for some time that I am in prison. Don’t trust anyone. But compare to our teleprompter soundbite statesfolk what he has displayed


I’m not so sure that Tucker did fail the CIA entrance exam, figuratively speaking. VVP hinted at this and I wonder what was in the binder of material he passed over. Interleaving the stuff from history class with a few choice satellite images, in the expectation that these would find themselves in the right hands, would be epic trolling :wink:

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