Public Vote of No Confidence in PM Johnson

"Boris Johnson must resign to enable competent and decisive action against Covid-19.

He must be immediately replaced by a group of MP’s who, unlike him, value human lives and are prepared to take decisive action based on the best, most successful international practices used in combating the pandemic.:arrow_right: Politcians who are transparent, accountable and open with the media and willing to admit mistakes and ask for help from other nations.

Lives are being lost due to the incompetence and inaction of the current UK government.

The National Health Service has been wilfully undermined over the last ten years to the point of lives and wellbeing of the staff coming under a deadly threat in critical conditions.

In pursuit of financial gain, this government has shown a detestable lack of reverence for human life.

Despite the general ‘revolving door’ arrangement between corrupt politicians and corporations, this government’s policy in regard of the economy shows a complete lack of understanding and a greed induced ineptitude.

Now the economy is spiralling into a meltdown because the government did not take early action to protect it’s citizens. Rather than a swift early intervention, the citizens were encouraged to carry on and ‘take it on the chin’.

This is beyond politics. Allow Mr. Johnson to step back to give the country a fighting chance with a clean sheet.

Leavers, Remainers, we all deserve better."

I can’t sign this. What does ‘combating [sic] the pandemic’ mean? What pandemic? The only ‘pandemic’ that undertaker John O’Looney and others like him saw was the mass-euthanasia in the ‘care’ homes, and the “250% increase in bodies received immediately the [poison stabs] were begun.”

And doesn’t ‘taking it on the chin’ mean relying on the acquired long-term natural immunity which is refreshed and extended with each annual flu visitation? Considering that the covid pathogen is now generally conceded to be over 99.9% survivable, isn’t that exactly what we should have done from the first? I seem to remember that Johnson and his ex-friend Cummings wanted to do precisely that early last year, before he was carrotandsticked into line by the international power-grab conspirators - who are clearly more powerful than he is.

Too many lamestream-trusting naifs running I unsubscribed from them some time ago.


Well they enabled those supporting them to manipulate them financially in the cause of compliance, because, the Johnson administration is filled with watered-down versions of the eugenicist totalitarians who , consequently, have their hands up both Johnson’s and the administration’s backsides. What’s not to like? Think of the care home issue…concentration camps…HIV!

That’s true G. But petitions and voting just encourage the owners of the Punch And Judy stall to keep the audience focused on the stage and not on who is writing the script.

In my crystal ball it seems to say that Johnson and gang may hang on a while longer, another winter of carnage in Care Homes is looking possible, and It Will All Be His Fault. Double down in 2022, when the computer code base for Covid Passes is finally whirring away smoothly and then, aha, the next bit of prestidigitation comes along. But my glass is clouding over now…

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They only need a few signatures to reach the target…yeah I hear what you both say but really that’s kinda ad hominem re in this regard, I thought anyway…

Not adhom, G. I was subscribed for some time, and became steadily more disaffected as I encountered a growing pile of their naivety, their trust of lamestram mediawhoring as a source for their subjects of concern. Gave up eventually.

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Fair enough, however, as I said, on this subject I can only agree to petition, one can at least abide by the niceties of democratic process esp. if your opponent doesn’t…

I’d go along with that but sound a minor caveat that the 38 degrees mob are way way worse. I recall a really innocuous “Make the Vice Chancellor Resign” campaign (okay, not totally innocuous, then) was pulled by them for some or other reason.

Pluralism is done.

Oh yes, ditto for 38. Dumped them too, long ago.

Perhaps it just needs a tweak. Take the virus on the chin, and put the ivermectin in your mouth :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, get your D levels up first…

Have to agree; its not about Boris. We could have Marcon or Biden or Morrison, or the next Blair. Is there anyone remotely near the seat of power that would have tackled the covid issue by asking what treatment options there were?

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What I’m feeling over these months is a stark realisation that all the fundamental arrangements which we’ve always expected our societies to have, such as some degree of genuine democracy, however imperfect, a comprehensive public health system, or a more or less reliable rule of law under the strict surveillance of a roughly trustworthy judiciary, are all being washed away whilst we watch aghast, like sand-castles as the tide comes in.

Not just here in Britain, where most of these institutions were always pretty heavily illusory anyway (‘enough of the people enough of the time’), but all over the Western world; all the states of the disintegrating Anglozionist empire and its fellow-travellers. Apocalyptic times.

None of these widely-set civil institutions were ever as pristine as our indoctrinated myths - in the Literate European sense rather than the Ignorant USAmerican sense - lead us to believe unthinkingly, from childhood on. But they did have some clout, spottily, in our daily lives. Now, it seems, the gangster gics, the powers that shouldn’t be, have decided that they’re all dispensable, as the villains try to scam us towards their hallucinated new borgoid techie-techie authoritarian arrangements.

Whilst I can’t ethically call for it, I certainly can see an upcoming time of widespread disruption, including civil wars, riot and deep disorder. The fundamentally criminal gics have to be defeated and destroyed, come hell or high water. And clearly, many people are going to feel compelled to undertake that war actively. Bloody hell! Literally.

The steadfast rocks in this sea of disorder seem to me to be the resurrected Russian polity, and China. And China looks distinctly iffy, with its authoritarian system of social control, and its bursting population, thirsting to find new parts of the world to occupy and colonise (Australasia, anyone?).

I begin to feel quite glad that Nordstream 2 is now complete, and about to begin delivering next month. Europe - including Airstrip One - as satellite of Russia begins to feel like the least-worst of a set of grim choices. Probably where we’re going, like it or not. The execrable English-raj class can scarcely maintain their grovelling comprador submission to USAmerica, when that country is in chaos, quite likely to disintegrate into several warring pieces, and with a cream puff military that is already seen to be incapable of winning any wars it undertakes - NATO being it’s equally flaccid appendage, of course.

‘Ochone, ochone!’ quavers the ancient geriatric (as they do), ‘Everything’s going to the dogs!’ :rofl:


Agreed… but why are you letting the GOCOs get away without a righteous skewering :wink:

Er - am I? Explain…?

I was merely expressing my sadness at not seeing that worthy new acronym in post 12

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