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Propaganda in Focus

Just to flag up this new(ish) endeavour headed-up by Daniel Broudy and Piers Robinson, with a fine line-up of thinkers/writers such as Mark Crispin Miller already onboard. Just had a quick shufti and it’s got quality stamped all over…https://www.propagandainfocus.com


Yes I have that tab open myself Si, Tim Haywards article on Propaganda In Academia specifically

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Patrick Henningsen mentioned very briefly on UK Column News yesterday (Fri 3 June) “…what happened to Tim Hayward”.

Seemingly this was what he was referring to:

That seems to be a comforter/dummy on a chain around her neck.

In case her claims aren’t credible there’s a very well groomed fellow student further down. I’ll come back to her shortly.

Mariangela’s recent tweets bear out my knee jerk reaction: blue hair = easily triggered zealot with all the special needs check boxes ticked.


So: turning to the very presentable Kvitka; she is a junior spook for sure. Very busy indeed at a time when you’d think final exams would be her key focus. Her family “fled” Russia for Ukraine about 12 years ago. I would hazard a guess that their possessions were not crammed into black bags.


54 articles it says. I didn’t follow any of the links. Her LinkedIn profile is an interesting read:


Kvitka, I would bet, is the source for the BBC story. Clearly smart, from a wealthy and entitled background, and I’d also bet that her blue-haired autistic stereotype friend was easy to maneuver into saying the right kinds of things to please her pretty fellow student.

Will be interesting to see where Kvitka turns up next, she’s clearly got a good grift going.