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Project Veritas goes the way of Amnesty International and so many others. RIP

Following the recent Pfizer revelations (believe them or believe they were disinformation), James O’Keefe has been stripped of all power in Project Veritas. The article includes a video of their rise to prominence in 2008, breaking a story about US government funding what was at very best an organisation for getting tax avoidance advice.

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He’s gone.

James O’Keefe Officially Resigns From Project Veritas

James O’Keefe has officially resigned from his post as CEO of the investigative journalism company he started, Project Veritas. O’Keefe was recently placed on leave while the issues between himself and the board of directors were ironed out. Many view O’Keefe as the face of PV, but the reality is that the company is publicly traded and has a board of directors. Although O’Keefe is the company’s founder, that does not mean he has absolute control over it. The board ultimately has the last say in matters like this. O’Keefe’s management style was allegedly becoming a severe issue for PV, therefore he was forced out.


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Could they not find a wee secretary whose arse he had fondled? Management style. Ah well, enough said.

I heard that he is looking to launch a new, similar, venture and that several members of the staff team (maybe even a wee secretary) are interested in hopping on board.

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Which organization was that?