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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has unveiled plans to replace (PIP) with “vouchers"

Quote; "Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has unveiled plans to replace Personal Independence Payments (PIP) with “vouchers” in a move described by the charity Scope as a “full-on assault on disabled people”. PIP is a lifeline for many disabled people, covering essential costs like rent, mobility aids, PA and carer fees, transport, groceries and medication. The government cannot guarantee that “vouchers” will be accepted by landlords or energy companies, and a receipts-based system relies on disabled and sick people having the money to cover costs up-front in the first place.

Applying for PIP is already a gruelling, dehumanising process designed to dismiss mental and invisible illnesses in particular. For disabled people who actually receive their entitlement, PIP provides the bare minimum to cover the additional costs needed to manage our disabilities. All aspects of life cost more for disabled people. Further restrictions to PIP will worsen disabled people’s health, and remove our abilities to work, access vital disability support, and lead full lives with the freedom to make our own choices.

Notes: Our response to the Government’s proposed welfare reforms. | Disability charity Scope UK": Organise: Get heard at work


“Organise” petition link: https://organise.network/actions/petition-don-t-strip-pip-cash-payments-f-zlGf4YVe/saf/discuss?sign=true&name=Gerard&utm_source=organise&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=blast744727

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What’s their next move Aktion T4 2.0:

let these Tory bastards burn in hell along with their Labour supporters!