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Poor old Piers Morgan, getting schooled, again!

I’m beginning to think Piers Morgan is actually not as stupid as he makes himself out to be. He asks ridiculous, BBC type questions because that’s what keeps him in his job. But he lets the knowledgable guests speak without constant interruptions.

This is both a video clip and transcript of Morgan interviewing Jeffery Sachs on why he “… seems very reliant on accepting Putins view …”


I’ve been wondering for quite a while how Morgan (most of the time) can treat his guests like garbage when at one time he was editor of the Mirror, which thanks to Morgan IIRC was the only MSM UK Newspaper that wasn’t pro the war in Iraq. I’m sure folks on here will remember when he put John Pilger back on the front page for the first time since Maxwell took it over and was eventually fired after being set up.

I watched the interview with Sachs (as well as one or two other similar Morgan interviews in the last few months) and I too was surprised, amazed even, to see Morgan allowing Sachs to speak uninterrupted for quite long periods, telling us the truth about the US coup in Kiev, the eight year long Ukie bombing of the Donbass, the Minsk scams etc etc.

Surely the BBC have noticed and aren’t at all amused?

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The BBC, I reckon, in common with all MSM, will have been tipped the wink. Elements of the new narrative have, to my knowledge, so far been publicised by Farij, Morgan and even Zelensky hissen (with whingeing over Ukraine’s losses suddenly substituting for gung-ho bravado. . .)

Question is, just what is the plan, apart from acceptance of Russia’s win. . .

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