Planet-sized view from Michael Hudson of the contest in which we're all now engulfed (including the covid scam)

The subject category could just as well be ‘geopolitics’, of course! Nutshelled, the thesis is that we, the peoples of the world, are now drawn, whether we like it or not, into an existential global contest between real, society-wide socialism, and socio-economic justice, on the one hand, and authoritarian oligarchic rentier-capitalist rapine on the other.

This thesis sheds light on the puzzling question why the conspirators behind the covid scam are pushing it so hard, which has puzzled me from the first: That relentless drive to terror-stampede the panicked herd of us all into a ‘vaccine’ mania, which of course is the gateway to greatly-enhanced social surveillance and control, via personal ID systems.

And also, why now, in what feels like a rushed jumping of the gun? Well, Russo-China surge ahead, exhibiting to the world the effectiveness of what can claim credibly to be a modern version of mixed-economy democratic socialism in an actually-workable form; and Afghanistan delivers a devastating blow to the globalists’ captive empire, quite probably a crucial death blow. And that blow, of course, was already clearly, visibly coming, before 2020. And then there was the bank repo crisis of 2019, which earthquaked the whole economic card-house terrifyingly for the ollies.

So - grab pronto for a rapid mass upflow of wealth from plebs to ollies, and at one and the same time try to grab a massive attempted consolidation of peremptory power into the hands of the ollies’ political creatures; for the ollies’ exclusive use, of course; as also with the cooperation of a meekly-compliant judiciary and mediawhoreate.

The picture grows clearer. Michael offers an outline of the ultimate underlying motivation driving them on to this desperate, rushed grab:

A timely complementary piece to Michael’s from Colin Todhunter. Showing the disastrous contrast between China and Russia on the one hand, rejecting unfettered gangster-capitalist access to the - real - wealth generator assets in their somewhat socialist states, for the criminal purposes of rentier-looting; and on the other hand India, where the comprador ruling ‘elite’ are committed to feeding the wealth-thieving rentier-parasite ‘foreign investor’ pack every blood-sucking arrangement they want (read gangster-cap oligarch scavenger-thieves and bought-traitor Indian enablers):