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Petition: Introduce 'Grow Your Own' Laws for Legal Medical Cannabis Patients (CBPM)

"Patients prescribed ‘CBPM’ by a medical specialist should be allowed to maintain 3-6 flowering plants (with extra considerations for starting new seedlings.) ‘GYO’ registration database could be maintained via local council, notifying police of local medical grows - similar to Canadian setup.
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There’s ~25,000 legal medical cannabis patients across the UK, prescribed primarily bud/flower or refined oil extracts. Most patients face severe financial difficulty affording their prescription.

Many patients are unable to work, and are forced to turn to cheaper illicit sources due to affordability. “Grow Your Own” is available to cannabis patients in many other countries for this very reason, and must also be considered in the UK.": https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/635748

All great and I do support such, however, how is anyone who needs cannabis going to be able to afford to grow it at home? #RhisiartGwilymRIP

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Do not grow at home unless it’s safe. The electric lights required are both expensive to run and dangerous. Those ballasts can start nasty fires. Even seen a burnt out one that had not tripped the RCD so was still live.

Guerrilla growing is the way forward. Outdoors and not in one location. Six month season. Done properly, you should have plenty for a year.

I use L.E.D s no problem…H.I.D lights are wasteful of energy and consequently create heat problems…

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Seems technology has moved on since a mate used to run a wardrobe growing operation. You live and learn.

But I still stand by growing away from home. If you lose the crop, it’s all you lose.

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