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Pathfinder Cuba shows the way beyond industagri's current crisis, via the Agroecology Revolution

Great, innit, when the evil efforts of the Swamp creatures blow up in their faces, and end up helping precisely the targetted victims whom the crooks were trying to harm! :laughing:

For all who are worrying about how to keep food coming in chez-vous, this is the way that will take over - perforce! - from the current non-sustainable industagri model as it crashes and disintegrates (eat your shrivelled heart out, Gates; especially when the pitchforked and betorched uprising plebs take ‘your’ land-holdings away from you; without ‘compensation’…).

Get to it with the diy growing, folks! Practice is always needed; there’s no time to waste!

So many of Earth’s people now live in urban places that this form of agriculture is unavoidable; and highly benign in so many ways over and above the production of wholesome organic food (notice how non of this can happen without socialistic initiative, funding and regulation…):


As so often, a beacon for the world. I wasn’t sure if the caption to one of the photos showing ‘vintage’ cars was sneering or celebrating that. Is making things last, repairing, improvising, instead of shrugging and buying another, so contrary to our insane system?