PatB: Another item for your persuasion campaign: Corbett and Kennedy speak about 'The Real Anthony Fauci'

Very potent stuff! The last half hour in particular is a must-hear. The suggestion that they offer is very pertinent to your efforts, Pat: Give Robert’s hugely information-heavy book as a Christmas present to any waverers that you know. James and Robert agree that the current coup attempt is simply the most crucial event in our lifetimes. Sound information about what’s really going on behind the Permanent Bullshit Blizzard is therefore critically important. And documenting consigliere Fauci’s career record is vital to understanding why what’s happening now is the latest iteration of previously rehearsed and tried coup attempts.

It’s this breakthrough out of the propaganda hypno-world into reality for as many waverers as possible which is vital for defeating the coup, and bringing the criminals behind it - Like Fauci - to account:


That some (most?) cannot see the sheer scale of what is going on (Lifeboaters take note) and the terrible implications for us all, beggars belief. If just a fraction of what Kennedy says in his book is true, then it’s no exaggeration to say that these people are some of the biggest killers the world has ever seen.

Sometimes I think they like to play games with us (Luciferase, patents with 666 in them), although even if that is the case, that in itself is suspect, but until I read Kennedy’s book, I had no idea that ‘The Godfather’ was Fausti’s favourite film (why would I!), nor that his favourite line from it is, “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.” One would hope that he’s playing a game, but…


No game at all, J. When the ‘Godfather’ films first appeared they were like a revelation to me. They crystalised all the conclusions that I had been slowly reaching during my earlier ‘young radical socialist pleb’ life, about how modern mass human societies work.

I didn’t coin the acronym ‘gics’ - gangsters-in-charge - for slight reasons. It was so clear that the relatively small-scale gangsterism of the mafia famiglie was an accurate microcosm of how large-scale politcs works, especially the politics of imperial-racket states such as England, and - post the Suez debacle and its consequent crushing of the pro-continued-English-empire faction in the English-raj class - the creation of the USuk arse-kisser entity; which faction, of course, has held Britain in that submissive posture ever since, right up to now.

The tenor of all this period since, right up to the present, has been essentially rule by, and for, deeply-criminal gangsters; in fancy suits, wrapped in the spurious prestige of ‘high’ positions in society. Mostly people who are loosely USAmerican, with the de facto rajista rulers of Britain being their faithful bitches. And always “It’s just business.”

I sometimes think that I don’t express my disgust and contempt at these compradors as forcefully as I should… :innocent:

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Don’t dispute any of that, but when you apply that quote to Fauci and his unelected fifty years in control, well, it’s a whole other ballgame.

Funny isn’t it, that Harold Shipman, a rank amateur in comparison to Fauci, is an undisputed, infamous monster and nobody has a problem with believing somebody capable of such crimes, whilst with Fauci, not so much. Have they forgotten Savile already?