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P Diddy lawsuit

Not sure if anyone has heard about this, but it’s quite big.

Seems Mr. Duddy has been the Epstein of rap music.
Please forgive the first ten seconds of this video.

For those of you who have X, this chap is @cancelcloco. There is a new video concerning Michael Jackson, his estate and tiny hats. But I only have a link on telegram…

How many others?

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I didn’t know much about the lawsuit but rap as a genre is riddled with this, and guns, drugs… Another name that might have already come up is Rick Ross. And if Kanye West doesn’t kowtow to the wearers of small hats they will find more muck to fling at him. I think he got his adidas endorsements sorted out by adidas pretending that they are contraband or some such nonsense.

Bear in mind that it’s a genre within the overall music industry that is wholly controlled, like most entertainment franchises, by the same coterie. Not quite so bad in the UK I think though there are bound to be some worms in the woodwork that could surface if people don’t behave themselves.

EDIT: I typed the above before listening to cancelcloco, which I have now. The Epstein similarities and Mossadesque tactics are almost carbon copy aren’t they. Don’t forget the world’s most corrupt police force LAPD.

The references to the death of Tupac Shakur are not news but if you’re not aware of Tupac’s family background it is very worth a bit of a dig. The video didn’t mention Suge Knight, unless I missed that, but he was linked to the shooting of Tupac, and Biggie Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) in the Nick Broomfield film Biggie and Tupac. The Vigilant Citizen has way more about the entertainment industry’s satanic links. I’m not sure I entirely buy that but since it is a microcosm of compromised and evil people he is close enough.

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I love the Graun’s new virtue signal:

Do you know who hates the Guardian?
The billionaires creating a world that’s more unequal than ever.
The populist politicians spreading discord and misinformation.
The fossil fuel executives watching the planet burn as their profits swell.
The tech giants shaping a new world around us without scrutiny.
And do you know who does like us? People who believe in a free press. People who believe that the truth should be available to everyone. And people who recognise the importance of challenging those in positions of power and influence. Does that sound like you? The Guardian doesn’t have an ultra-rich owner. No one tells us what to write – or what not to write.

I could have fun deconstructing this wiffle but so could we all


It’s sure asking for it. I especially like the one about the billionaires. They must have asked Bill’s permission (pun not intended) for that one. He surely doesn’t hate the G or he wouldn’t fund it.


Oh look…

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well, well - small world huh. The photo (with Kanye West the notorious antisemite in the white shades) was taken at a London event to commemorate Diana Spencer. Not altogether a surprise that both her sons were there. Plenty more in mossad’s filing cabinet I’m sure.

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