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Ozteria crancks up the yellow star madness!

The latest on Ozteria , the 10 day lockdown for everyone converted to permanent lockdown for unvaccinated and then fines increased with penalty of 1 year prison ( which has to be financed by the prisoner!) for those failing to pay. At the last count there were about 2 million unvaccinated not counting children who are not mandated , at the moment!

Democracy 0 Fascism 10

Deja vue vue vue…


I posted something on this subject a while back.

  • 2 million un jabbed
  • Austrian prison population, just under 13,000
  • Let’s assume 10% of unjabbed refuse to pay the fine

They’ll have fun trying to “accomodate” the 200,000 refuseniks in prisons built for the current prison population.


Wow. And what’s the punishment for failing to pay for your gaol term…? Two years in the WorkHouse maybe? Assembling lateral flow tests perhaps…

I expect there are historical precedents what’s more. In South Africa people who failed to vacate their home in an area that was reclassified under the Group Areas Act (for example Sophiatown, which became a whitey enclave called Triomf) were deported to the nearest designated Area for folks of their Classification (often a windswept piece of veldt hours away) were charged for the transportation costs. (Possibly even the costs of demolishing their former home, my memory fails at this point.)

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Hi @PatB , as the Nazis did they’ll probably employ IBM or Hwawei to track, trace and tag people to their appropriate hole in the ground. Local neighbourhood snitch teams with appropriate uniforms and youth movements will all move in goosestep!


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