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Owen Jones revels new vaccine side effect

Owen Jones revels new vaccine side effect

"The Labour party is in my blood. "

That’s a serious one, without a doubt.

He’s cancelled his membership.

There is no indication if he tried Ivermectin first.
We need to respect his medical privacy at this difficult time :slightly_smiling_face:.
Though, the main difficulty is understanding how his disillusionment with Kier Starmer and his party has taken so long to manifest.

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I was curious what alternative he would be suggesting . . . and here it is (links removed).

Sign up to We Deserve Better and donate to help kickstart our campaign fund to support Green and left-wing independent candidates in key seats such as Carla Denyer in Bristol Central and Leanne Mohamad in Ilford North as well as socialist Labour MPs, and help us build an alternative based on the politics of hope.

If my imminent house move goes through before the GE I will be able to vote for Ian Lavery, and will do so.

Otherwise, another spoiled ballot.

It wouldn’t surprise me much if Lavery is pushed out. It is technically a ‘new’ seat which probably gives more ways to dislodge an awkward candidate. An ex-miner (and successor NUM Gen Sec to Arthur Scargill) in the “largest mining village in the world” is worth a vote. I’m not persuaded anyone else is. The Green Party certainly aren’t lol.

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The only surprise for me is that it’s taken Owen Jones so long to realise that the Liabour party is well past its sell by date. However, does he realise that his antics are a little tiresome to any reasonable observer?

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Hi folks,

I had this thought on reading the expose recently:

Perhaps as he is net zeroing with his new Green friends OJ can empirically debunk this Cremola article in seconds on how CO2 is essential for a healthy human:

On this basis isn’t net zero a global euthanasia project?!


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If people like Macron and Lindsay Graham get their way, those wiped out in Ukraine, the vaxx victims, and a fair few other methods are all contributing to the “we are too many” bandwagon.

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