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Oh no: it's Long Novichok

If my posting this link makes it seem as though I am unsympathetic towards Alexei Navalny let me clarify: I am unsympathetic towards Alexei Navalny.

In other news (I didn’t click through to read the article so no link, but this is patent A-class bulldust) global warming (oops, climate catastrophe) means that parts of the UK could be vulnerable to tropical diseases like dengue fever. An Expert Said.


Not quite in the same vein Karen, but did anyone on this forum watch “VIGIL”, the BBC-ITV-GCHQ seriess about a Russia spy on a UK nuclear sub? It has just been screened here in OZ, while we are discussing the “AUKUS” collaboration with the UK and US that will see nuclear powered and armed subs docked in Australia, and us as a base for attacks on China in the coming war.
We are also subject to full-scale Navalnychok b/s and Zelenskiite b/s in preparation for our war on Russia. Now, today there is a report about the Danish ‘report’ on Russian surveillance of the North Sea, looking for undersea stuff to sabotage after their success with Nordstream, which most people here assume now must have been done by Russia, because who else would do such a thing. Things are BAD!


Haven’t heard of it. While I’m only loosely acquainted with the terms of the AUKUS submarine ‘deal’ it sounds like an outrageous protection racket. People there think Nordstream was the Russkies? Wow: those blindfolds are tight.

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I’ll post links to some relevant articles soon - my articles! Too many things coming at us from many quarters here, and hard to keep up - but loved the “Long Novichok” ! cheers David.