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"Oh Jeremy Corbyn!"

A film that October Books, Portswood, Southampton (of which I am a community shareholder), “decided” not to show (no one asked me), is now to be shown at the Unitarian “Edmund Kell Hall” in Southampton (interesting guy Edmund Kell unfortunately most of the records of he and his wife’s work, quote; “She was also active in reform movements, notably in work with the town’s prostitutes. In particular she campaigned against the provisions of the Contagious Diseases Act 1864, under which women in naval and garrison towns suspected of being prostitutes were forced to undergo degrading examinations to combat sexually transmitted diseases”…were lost when Southampton was bombed; "The 500 capacity Church of the Saviour in London Road, built in the Pointed Early English style, was finished in March 1860 and cost £2,600 – just less than £311,000 in today’s money

Despite a lack of evidence of any professional qualifications, Kell employed his friend Philip Brannon as the architect. At its opening ceremony it was said to have been a labour of love for Brannon and described as elegant and “the cheapest church in Great Britain”.

The building was destroyed in 1940 – during the Second World War aerial bombardment of Southampton – and only the front door key survives today.

It was then replaced in 1956 by a new church built on the corner of London Road and Bellevue Road.

The present building in Bellevue Road was officially opened on June 2, 1990. The hall is hired by many local organisations.": Edmund and Elizabeth Kell | Daily Echo #RevJohnKnopfRIP).

Monday 18th September 7.30pm at the Edmund Kell Hall, Bellevue Rd. Southampton, SO15 2AY: https://www.platformfilms.co.uk/

Edmund Kell Hall

He! He! He!

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Epic set of outer brackets there Gerard. Influenced by Something Happened, Joseph Heller?

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One of my foibles I’m afraid.