Off-Guardian and others vs Dr. Peter McCullough and others

Here’s a very recent tweet from Off-Guardian

“Your regular reminder that ‘COVID’ is just a meaningless positive PCR plus whatever symptoms/illness or LACK of same you had before the ‘test’.”

Here’s a very recent interview with Texas cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough

Clearly we have two different representations of reality here, don’t we? Dr. McCullough clearly thinks that Covid 19 is a real illness, that can be quite serious, that should be treated quickly with a mix of drugs. I don’t see Dr. McCullough questioning the PCR test.

Off Guardian thinks, implies, that COVID is a function of the PCR test, and the test is ‘meaningless’. I suppose they are not denying an ‘illness’ of some kind.

Ok, my point, I see these two possible renegade points of view as being in some way opposed to each other. I would be interested in knowing the opinions of others on this board.

I trust McCullugh and Off Guardian, I don’t really trust Weinstein, because he seems to really promote certain basic assumptions about the Covid psy op.

Without the fraudulent PCR test would there be any ‘pandemic’? Would doctors like McCullough simply treat patients as having a respiratory illness? And there would be no vaxx, no lockdowns, no masks, no giant fear blob spewing constant fear ink?

When I listen to McCullough, I think, ‘this guy really believes this illness really exists, he doesn’t talk about PCR tests, he’s speaking from direct clinical experience. Has he been fooled?’

What do you think? I’m open to all points of view on this…

Clearly there would. There are countless, evidently genuine reports by doctors of patients suffering sudden oxygen-depletion (and other symptoms), in a way never seen before. Do I really have to go looking for them? If I did, would it convince any of the people who keep calling the whole thing a “plandemic” or “scamdemic”, who claim that all statistics are equally dishonest, and who make occasional concessions just to shut up the small minority here of pandemic-believers like myself, and then act as if they had never conceded anything, so that the argument can never progress? Can’t we get past this nonsense?

There is clearly something very nasty going on as well as the pandemic. But it’s impossible to form any realistic idea of what it is if the very existence of the pandemic itself is denied.

The only people who benefit from such denial are those who are attempting to profit from the pandemic, or who, from motives or panic or desperation, or something much darker, are pushing such insane, immoral, unscientific solutions as the forced injection of entire populations with vaccines that haven’t been properly tested and that don’t even prevent transmission of the virus.

I don’t claim to have much idea of what’s going on. I’ve always been far more grief-stricken by the measures taken against the virus than I’ve been scared of the virus itself (although it does scare me). The recent developments in Austr[al]ia have horrified and terrified me, going beyond anything I expected. The apparent acceptance by the majority of the world’s population that such measures can even be considered, let alone enacted, terrifies me too. Almost the most terrifying and infuriating thing of all is the outrageous censorship of rational debate on the subject by social media companies like Facebook.There is clearly more going on than I ever understood.

There is much common ground here. But we cannot collectively learn about it [whatever ‘it’ is!] or defend ourselves against it if an unreasonable denial of part of the reality is allowed to hold sway as an unquestioned dogma, and those who dissent from it are sworn at, called insulting names, and accused of being baby-murdering Nazis, idiots, scaredy-cats, or sinister infiltrators from shadowy security services. I’ve been attacked here in ways I’ve never even seen anyone attacked by the regulars at The Lifeboat News. But it’s not about me, and it’s not even about personal attacks (which are relatively less frequent here than at TLN). It’s about rational communication, and (dare I say) common sense.


Clearly there’s some sort of nasty flu about (whatever the ‘no-such-thing-as-viruses, ergo no-possibility-of-covid’ fanatic-certainty element btl at Off-G may say) which - as flus do - is killing some people. Probably it’s a bit worse than average, as far as we can discern through the haze of lying propaganda, quite possibly because of the pathogen - whatever it really is - having been tampered with.

That’s why we call it a scamdemic. Because it is: There’s the - real - flu-thing; and there’s the cascade of lies that has been avalanched around it, in pursuit of a sinister and deeply-criminal agenda; no contradiction.

Despite all the deliberately-created - and maintained - hysteria, the reality is that most probably the bulk of humans round the world are already immune to covid (all ‘variants’) having already had the infection, some without any great noticeable illness, some with, and the whole thing is now just a minor endemic nuisance, easily treated, with authentic, actually-proven-in-action cures that fail only a very few already heavily vulnerable and far-gone people, and with an IFR as low as any endemic flu pathogen.

Also, RT-PCR is NOT a test for the covid-flu, and has been - and continues to be - used fraudulently, to keep people panicked. At least it appears so to any awake lay person delving into the realities as far as we can.

I suggest that there’s no contradiction between any of those propositions.


Wherever the truth may lay, if there even is such a thing, the chaos and ever-shifting (dis)information wherever you turn are utterly demoralising, and attacking one another is no help.


PS: There’s also Dr. Zach Bush’s contention that the world contamination maps for particulate-carbon/partial-combustion-products, together with the maps of the most heavily glyphosate-poisoned places, tally closely with the illness spike-outbreaks; the most heavily polluted places - like Wuhan, Lombardia, NYC, etc. - being the most heavily hit. And there’s Zach’s further contention that the illness should be seen as a cardiovascular cyanide-poisoning problem more than a primarily respiratory illness, despite respiratory crises being part of the symptoms.

The Bush hypothesis seems to fit the observed - behind the lying propaganda - effects of the flu better than the official tripe.

Off Guardian have been quite heavily censoring btl since the summer. Likewise, CM’s blog doesn’t allow any real discussion at all about covid issues. The list of censorship goes on and on and on.

They are now starting to inject five-year-old children with this experimental gene therapy, an experimental gene therapy that’s easily proven (using the governments own statistics) to be seriously injuring and killing huge numbers of people.

What part of this don’t people get…?

Beam me up, Scotty…


Censorship at Off-G is denied by the Admin. people, though frequently alleged by some of the btls who, shall we say, are more loosely-connected to objective, fact/evidence-supported reality than the average. Quite a few such hang around there. They don’t seem to get censored. Can’t say I’ve ever seen any serious sign of it.

The Admins. sometimes accuse some btls of being trolls or orthodoxy-shills (possibly paid) but they don’t seem to block much, if at all. It’s always seemed to me to be one of the freer, less-censored sites. Noticeably less censored than Saker, MoA, Craig Murray, Wee Ginger Dug, or even than the Hulk. Certainly they’re not averse to hosting dissident interpretations of what’s going on.

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Hi Everyman. The Off-G tweet is useless from an evidential point of view. Though you follow them enough to say that you trust them, even at this very late stage it’s difficult to tell what they are actually saying. Well what use is that?
McCullough, position is not only spelt out unambiguously, but follows a trail of evidence.

Both of them correctly detect a high degree of BS but only one of them expresses it coherently.

McCullough is not trying to make a name for himself - he already has that, but has put it on the line in the interests of medical integrity.
I don’t know Off-Guardian but I imagine they have to pitch somewhere on the spectrum of scepticism. They go further than McCulllough but to do so they step outside any known evidence base. This can be enticing but doesn’t help build any base for opposition. Worse, it helps undermine those people like McCullough, and the solid evidential base he brings to the topic. At this stage of the wrecking process otherwise known as the pandemic response, it would be really good if all those on the fringe like Off-Guardian followers were telling people about the early treatments for the virus they should be getting to keep them out of hospital or worse, and the ins and outs of the ‘harmless’ billions of spike proteins that do the damage in covid or in the (unnecessary) vaccines, that were supposed to stay put in their arm.


Seen some of that reality-connection btl at Off-G, but not enough in the editorial content. They do seem to be quite a bit more theoretical-political-analysis-enslaved than Peter McCullough, who simply speaks of what works, in his direct experience, in treating a genuine nasty - sometimes lethal - illness, and what tallies with his extensive professional experience in actually treating patients; as does Pierre Kory.

No experienced medics on the ed. team at Off-G, I don’t think…

I’m with you on this Evvy - and RG - and Peter McCullough. I’ve been arguing btl on OffGuardian for some time against this idea the virus doesn’t exist and the PCR test shows nothing, for the last year at least, until giving up. While there is a problem with the comments OffG allows, there is also a problem at the top, and particularly perhaps with Catte’s very forcefully expressed views - as in the dogma tweet above. Over a year ago I had numbers of exchanges in trying to get articles published of OffG about the GE origins of the virus in Fort Detrick Inc, which were brushed off or ignored, or which I edited and then had rejected. Other writer friends have found the same problem, while seeing articles published by OffG-acceptable authors… a gripe I’m afraid. Yet now they publish the latest Doctors for Covid Ethics symposium, which won’t have a bar of the “virus doesn’t exist” narrative as they are serious scientists not in hock to special interests. And as you say, how can you promote treatment with HCQ or IVM as used around the world to enable herd immunity if you say there is no virus.
That the whole thing is made into a “deadly global pandemic” by the PTB - the “Machine” is THE problem, and one laid bare by today’s hysteria in the UK over the Omni Con mutant, against which the vaccinated population evidently has little defence. What a business opportunity made in Hell!
And Twirlip take heart - I won’t hound you for expressing fears of the virus, except to point out you need to get some IVM if you are really worried you’re at risk, and to never imagine that getting stuck with the toxic stuff will help you!


Hi again Everyman. I maybe didn’t address the point you came in with. I know there’s a school of thought that says everyone in the world of virology has got it wrong, and no virus has been established or isolated.
Unlike the (manufactured) controversy over early treatment, there isn’t evidence about the guaranteed existence of the virus, that a layperson can look to, to try to decide who is right. To be able to voice an opinion, they would need to learn the subject in depth. Without that, but nevertheless pressed to pick a side, I think that doubt, if that’s what it is, has to be shelved for later leisure.
There’s also the question of if, as claimed, there is no virus or the virus isn’t causing a real disease, what then is the explanation for all the medical analysis that has appeared from all over the world from people who have treated covid in trials, or done covid research. The only one I can think of is empiracism - even if something is wrong with the explanation, the science is still seen to work. Rhis might tell you that there are such doubts in quantum theory, but the electronics etc still work. (Or he might tell you that’s a crap analogy :slight_smile: ) But by what priorities should a layperson take time out to dwell on, or promote, their own lingering doubts about the fundamentals in this pressing situation - on a subject they, like me, do not understand - when there is already a solid base on which to oppose the bad stuff that’s going on?


agreed - and as exhibit No 1 Didier Raoult remains the prime evidence for most aspects of this Scamdemic, including the finest details of mutations in the spike protein, and the effectiveness of simple cheap anti-virals to cure the infection before it takes hold. He also described in great detail the way that the five mutations in the Alpha strain could only have come about as a result of Remdesevir treatment in the patient who first developed it.
If you say the virus doesn’t exist, or even that viruses themselves don’t exist (!) then you are making nonsense of an enormous body of genuine independent scientific research. Same goes for Dr Michael Palmer as explained in great detail in his writings and in the first D4CE seminar. This conflict really came to a break over Meryl Nass’ lecture on the PCR test and the failure to ever isolate the whole virus, as she is highly credible, including to me. I actually wondered whether she really denied the existence of the virus, or whether she was just saying how the testing didn’t discriminate between “dead” bits of it and other stuff.
In fact, in some trials, I think by Raoult, there was a distinction made between active live virus present in tests as in virus that could be cultured in vitro. This was found to be generally in cases of around 25 CT and less, and corresponding to symptomatic infection. Anything above 32 cycles was considered invalid as evidence of active infection - but may still have indicated that a person was infected but cleared the virus rapidly, leaving only dead bits…

I wish I could find Raoult’s detailed prognostications on OmniCon - … as sure he would say it is milder even than Delta, which he has consistently observed is about one fifth as severe as the original strain, even though possibly more infectious.


As far as I can tell, here’s some of the latest figures:

We are now up to almost 2000 vaccine related deaths in the UK and more than a million adverse reactions.

In the USA, the VAERS system is reporting 16,000 deaths due to covid vaccines.

In the European Union, EudraVigilance (the official EU agency) is reporting more than 20,000 deaths from covid vaccines.

There’s never been anything like this before in all of history.

It’s called mass murder.


In a funny sort of way, they’re both right. From personal experience (family and friends) there is definitely this flu-like disease (but with some distinctive features like loss of taste and smell) which afflicts some people quite badly (one particular acquaintance had difficulty breathing).

One the other hand, many people I know had `covid’ – in the sense that they had a positive test and had to stay at home, despite no discernible symptoms. So yes, for many it really is nothing more than a PCR test result. Just not for all.

As for it being a pandemic, perhaps in a strict medical definition it is*, but in ordinary language it doesn’t qualify. Pandemic suggests pandemonium because of death and horrible disease visibly around you – something distinctly missing despite all the fear mongering.

*in that case, so is flu, every year (oh, except last year…)


Well here goes, late to the discussion as usual.

I am one of those who uses “plandemic” regularly, but not (in my view without any basis). Lets start with defining terms, so we are all talking about the same thing.

What is a pandemic?
Ignoring the World Hoax Organisations definition (and for @Dimac we’ll ignore Danny Andrews definition as well). Well to me, and I think most people, an epidemic is a breakout of one type of disease in a large number of people and to be an epidemic it must occur in a short timeframe. A pandemic is the same thing, except it is much more widespread regionally, probably much further afield than national borders.

Using my definition of pandemic, do we actually have one?
Well, based on the global figures of all cause mortality, Covid cannot be deadly, however I’ll concede we could still have a pandemic of a non-lethal disease. A reasonable observer might say well, what about US and New York in particular? There is just so much clear, simple evidence that the wrong treatment protocols (accidental or malicious, take your choice) were the cause of death that I contend that the US cannot be treated in the same way statistically as almost every other country. If one insists on including the US in the argument, then I would ask one to explain the complete absence of Covid amongst the Hamish.

So perhaps we can all agree whatever it is, is not deadly based on official numbers rather than the fear porn (unless of course you get the wrong treatment)?

So it’s not deadly but lots and lots of people are getting “it”. I know a number of people who have had Covid. In 2019, we would have said they had the flu. However thanks to the the PCR “test” it is now Covid. Anyone who has even scraped the surface of the evidence about PCR testing or listened to Kary Mullis will know that it is meaningless.

OK, but what about all those asymtomatic “cases”? Have you ever been to the doctor and said, “Doc. I’m ill”? The doctor says what are the symptons? You say “I don’t have any but I ‘have’ Covid”. So, either you believe that Covid is absolutely unique amongst every other illness (you have the disease but no symptons whatever), or you must see this part of what is going on as a scam.

My view is divide and conquer comes in here. While we argue if Covid has been sequenced for real, or just “insilico”, is the PCR a valid test, can one catch a virus, the plot marches on. What really matters is the complete erosion of the facade of democracy, basic human rights, freedom of movement and association, and in the UK and in France, access to decent health services. These have been stripped away and what’s left is about to be removed. As @Twirlip said " The apparent acceptance by the majority of the world’s population that such measures can even be considered, let alone enacted …" is the real issue (in my humble opinion)


Evvy, the electronics do work, of course. But there’s still actually a lot more disagreement about how to describe what happens in quantum-mechanical transformations, even than there is in ‘virus’ theory.

In my judgement, Tom Campbell’s description of what happens with QM, as laid out in his Big TOE, is streets ahead of all the other contenders, and will be one of the triggers that helps to set off the paradigm-shift that is somewhat overdue, from over emphasis of scientific doctrines based on philosophical-materialism towards a widely-accepted explanation based on philosophical-idealism.

And apropos that idea, I suspect that one of the unexpected good things that will - or may - come out of the covid swindle will be a complete re-think of the whole doctrine of viral infection; probably towards the more holistic, ecologically-informed ideas getting promulgated by Dr. Zach Bush, amongst others.

Meanwhile, folks, be advised that, in the practical matter of preventing or treating covid-flu, whateverTF it really is, vitamin C remains one of the front-runners as a well-known ‘viruscide’, as well as being widely-effective in supporting and enhancing the healing and repair functions of living bodies; though with that one caveat put up by JMC, to be aware of the possibility of the genetic-glitch of haemochromatosis in a very few people. See - as usual - ‘’ for latest information on C versus covid-flu, and for useful information about the haemochromatosis caveat.

In the real world, the facts remain: that people are getting ill with, and occasionally dying of, covid flu - though not dying in numbers that justify the use of the word ‘pandemic’, where a big uptick in deaths rather than the mere wide spread of the infection is what it’s universally understood to mean, despite the crook-captured World Hoax Organisation’s recent re-definition. And practical doctors have developed highly-effective real treatments for the covid-flu - as opposed to the lying poison-stabs - which work pragmatically, even if said doctors are using a mistaken theory of viral infection.

Remember: people still knew in wide detail how to make and use fire, practically speaking, even when the ‘experts’ were all in thrall to the - now long-discarded - theory of ‘phlogiston’… :slight_smile:


PS: I should just bring up Dr. Tom Cowan’s analysis of what in vitro ‘culturing’ of ‘virus samples’ actually implies. When you look at Tom’s detailed description of what this actually involves, you’re left gob-smacked. How could ANY clear conclusion be derived from such devil’s brew contortions of logic?

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There’s a problem with words, names, definitions. ‘Covid-19’ is the description given variously and for different reasons and purposes to a) any/all of the seasonal respiratory illnesses which can and do affect us all from time to time (and may see us off), b) any bloody illness at all. As long as some chosen genetic debris is ‘identified’ in a sample from the soft tissues of the victim by the fraudulent PCR procedure the lie can continue to be propagated.

There never was a ‘pandemic’ (in the sense of the word before the WHO changed the meaning to suit its sponsors). Look around you. Was there ever a virus? It makes a hell of a difference - if there is no virus, if there are no viruses, and the jury is still out on that one for us, there need to be found other explanations for the illnesses attributed to it/them (RG points to some and there are many more contenders. EMF anyone?). These explanations already stand as legitimate hypotheses in our view but what can we do about that in the face of the global agenda being forced on us (NB. on the back of a fake narrative about a pandemic caused by a virus)?

The ‘novel coronavirus’ was already called SARS-COV-2 in 2007…

…at a time when various actors were playing with bioweapons, in particular ‘spike proteins’ and getting them patented (see David Martin!). This paper mentions SARS-COV-3 as well (is that the one Billy-boy says will get our attention?) but notice that none of the viruses they mention using are claimed to exist independently, only genetic fragments. Quite so.

Who can best see the big picture? For sure its not the honest medics struggling against not only a plethora of medical problems called Covid-19 and the tsunami of problems caused by the mass experimental treatment but also against an establishment which seeks to hype up the one to ludicrous fantasy levels and deny the actual horrific reality of the other. If I was one of them I might not be bothering to comment on the PCR test either. When you’re up to your arse in crocodiles…

No need to choose between OG & McCullough. M is a brilliant cardiologist, Catte Black is a brilliant polemicist. Love to them both and to all.


Here’s another, quite short, video clip of Dr. McCullough, with five talking points. Thanks to everybody who responded, I’ll reply to what you’ve said soon.

Note in this clip he mentions washing the inner nose, which I think somebody on this board suggested also. I think he says to do it with hydrogen peroxided diluted, is that what I heard?

I think this is a good clip to send around to people, it’s short and well stated

The people who tend to bloviate about OffG censorship are all too frequently unfamiliar with the concept of refreshing the web page. They post a reply, it doesn’t appear within seconds, they assume the worst. Meanwhile, for example, they have comments sorted “newest first” and their comment is sitting at the top of the stack. This has been going on for years and it’s always, for example, the likes of “Petra” hotly alleging that their latest version of “those towers didn’t fall down all by themself you know” has been suppressed. We lurkers see these things :rofl: