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October Books Community Benefit Society #Community

How many would approve of a “Community” category here? I’ve put this in, “Arts and Culture” for obvious reasons.

Quote; *Our Move to a Community Benefit Society

We are in the process of changing October Books from a multi stakeholder Co-op into a Community Benefit society. We moved from a Workers co-op to a multi-stakeholder Co-op just prior to our move to the bank building and this allowed us to open up our membership to our community. To ensure the future of October Books and ensure that we benefit and provide for the local community the best we can, we believe this is the best move for the business. We can ensure everyone that Co-op values and principles are very much at the forefront of the store and will remain to be so and this will be written into our new constitution and rules. For more information about this move we have developed the following FAQ with feedback and input from all our members and team. If you have any questions that are not answered in the below please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will get back to you shortly." https://www.octoberbooks.org/membership I’m sending my membership application in today. I have an idea (so far very well received incl. by Portswood’s M.P), “The Hampshire Hemp Collective” that I think membership of October Books (that has meeting spaces and many other facilities/activities on the premises), will be a good way to begin to launch, also membership (and poss. volunteer work at some point), is a good way to keep the Job Centre of my back!

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Community might be one of those plastic words that has been commandeered by the identity politics folks. Is the LGBTQIA community, for example, all that different to all the other imagined communities, e.g. “nation”, “volk”, “scientists”…? Deconstructing what a community is, and maybe reclaiming the word, via a 5F category, could certainly be worth exploring IMHO.

Mutual Aid has got to be a sane way out of the mess, and that probably works best on reasonably local scales. While it seems to be the case that wherever there is an “us” there is by definition a “them”, the village was (and still is) a workable way of living in many parts of the world.

Kurt Vonnegut in Slapstick outlines a Utopian idea where everyone is arbitrarily assigned to a kinship group so that nobody is ever lonely again. That sounds a good idea to me, the end if not the means, in any case. I should reread it.

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No man is an island so how is it we allow ourselves to be isolated? It is because, we are inculcated, from an early age, with the trope that only the big organisations and institutions have any power and that we must be individuated in order to climb the slippery slope to the top of the Tetragrammaton.

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Yes that about sums it up. Deschooling would be near the top of my If I Ruled The World ticklist. But first we deal with the lawyers :wink:

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