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OBL "Letter To America" goes viral among millenials

This was an unexpected result of the latest round of Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians. Bin Laden’s 2002 letter to America is shaking the paradigm of millenials, many of whom weren’t born in 2001. They, being millenials, immediately go to tiktok

In the grand scheme of things I don’t think that changes much (anything), but it does give me a wry smile that this backfired so spectacularly.

The backtracking of the Guardian was particularly enjoyable. All the newly mouthed nonsense about “context” while they do their best to erase any “context” for Oct 7. Everything the propagandists do these days exposed them further.

(Trigger warning: young tiktokkers being annoying)

edit: apparently I mixed up millennial with Gen Z. Shows how old I am…

Here is the text that’s shaking everyone to their core. Beware


Cheers, Ali.

Imo, given the nonsense notion that OBL and a rag tag bunch pulled-off the NY event, the purported letter is an eminently limited hangout in that regard. That said, when I read that letter back in 2001 it did set me off down the path to understanding the situation in Palestine - having previously viewed the affair as ‘complex’, actually studying the ‘conflict’ it became apparent that the Upstart State is quite simply abominable.

I hope more people are awoken to the truth of the matter and go on to do the right thing - that is, recognise that this is an issue of right v wrong. I say that because it seems evident to me that people may take up the cudgels on the basis of left/right, black/white - and especially where the latter divide is concerned, it seems to me that TPTB are immensely desirous of initiating an all out race war. With the level of hot-headedness that abounds nowadays we really do need to be mindful that people are being pitted against one and other on the basis of the skin colour - - that way takes us to humanities (ha) end.



I’m glad this thread has been started. Thank you.

I’d agree with @NewSi and query whether Bin Laden even existed at that stage, if ever, let alone that he wrote the letter.

Amazing how this resurfaced right now, who might that benefit? Proof positive of antisemitism loose in the world, apparently. And who might that benefit? Who might take a wrathful revenge? Why that particular platform for this astounding renaissance?

Announcing how the scales have fallen from your eyes via Tiktok not only reinforces the message that poor Israel is yet again being howwibly victimised but also that Tiktok (owned by China, is it not) is a howwible platform. (They’re working hard to remove the relevant clips I have read, and have pointed out that other platforms are being used as well.)

Anyone who believes ‘Al-Qaeda’ was responsible for three World Trade Center buildings ‘falling down’ that day, due to two airplanes, and for a very specific part of the Pentagon, but only that part, being blown to bits by another plane… has quite a bit of re-framing to complete. I can only wish them luck but would suggest they’re being made mugs of.

It’s a slightly better psyop than the boxes of medical supplies, the cache of rockets under a child’s bed, and who knows what other bs has been pumped out in the last day or two (like on all the other days).


It’s like scoring 11 in 10-pin bowling



15, surely.



Another interesting letter apparently.


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Well, well, well.

A man who can obsequiously smile at Xi Jinping yet refer to him, again, as a dictator within minutes, was very clearly chosen for a reason. Where might the world be if he gets another year…?

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