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Not the sharpest knife on the box , Bibic chair seeks to “weaponise impartiality”!

Hi folks, hat tip to Dan @ TLN for linking to a twit , I couldn’t see much of the story, it initially looked like the loyal soldier was suggesting the Bibic should discard something they’ve never actually had- impartiality! On closer analysis he seems to think only other commercial news stations can’t make impartiality pay which would give the Bibic an edge if they focussed on selling it.

Like the original Richard Sharpe he seems to be living in a world of fiction.
“ He also said the corporation was impartial when it came to coverage of the war in Ukraine: “It’s about truth. Our value to Russians and Ukrainians is to report the truth, no matter how inconvenient that may be.”


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Here’s my “impartial” tl;dr: news of this quality, even though no one watches it, doesn’t come cheap, actually, please raise license fee

The irony of using Guardian to semaphore this deserves double chutzpah points.

If Ukrainians are clamouring for that kind of content perhaps they’d care to chip in a bit, lol.

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